What are seen dandelion in the dream?

Dandelion – a symbol of hopes for good luck and happiness. Anyone who has ever dreamed of dandelions, usually woke up in high spirits and not even looking in the dream, knew he had a good dream. But if you want nice details, here they are.

dandelion dream

Which means dandelion in a dream?

Women’s dream book

For a young girl to dream of dandelions means early happy marriage, and adult women, has long been married, long, peaceful, secure and prosperous family life.

Autumn dream book says that to dream of a field of blooming dandelions before the long-awaited date. If the middle yellow-gold placers have you noticed a few fluffy white heads, you will quarrel with your loved one. But not to worry: it will absolutely not serious, and after a light shake-up your relationship will become even stronger and sweeter. After all, lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless.

Spring dream interpretation

Predicts the man who saw in a dream a dandelion, beautiful Sunny mood in the morning. The new day will be full of joyful events – the good news and welcome not long to wait.

Family dream book

Green meadow, covered with Golden heads of dandelions, dream of a young woman, if in the near future it is very likely to join in a happy marriage. And when she stands in the midst of this splendour, this dream will certainly come true.

To dream of a dandelion, to prepare the salad – a sign that you are waiting for a happy family life. Green grass, shining Golden sparks dandelion also symbolizes family happiness and favorable life circumstances.

The Dream Miller

Believes that the dandelions in my sleep – for an early conclusion of a good Union, not only the family but also business.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Dandelion dreams of those who will meet on your way is very good and selfless man, «God’s dandelion», always ready to comfort, do not hesitate to lend you a helping hand. Try not to miss the chance to win his friendship: after all, even in our Mercantile time saying about what a hundred friends is much better than a hundred rubles, have not lost their relevance.

Children’s dream book

Sees the dandelions a touch negative: in his opinion, they warn of unwanted effects, which may lead frivolous things is fraught with the complication of relations with others, especially with parents.

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