Boat ride in the dream – what a dream

The interpretation of dreams, in which appears a boat at sea often depends on how and where it was going. If the trip was pleasant, the water is calm, the reality will be the same. Otherwise, you can expect anything.

Women’s dream book

the boat in the dream

The boat in the dream — interpretation dream

Travel on a boat with other people – you will meet interesting, funny and cheerful people. If there was a shipwreck, expect failure in the accepted financial transactions. If the water at the bottom was muddy and dirty, you will be disappointed. Started business will not succeed. Turbulent flow or high waves to worry, anxiety and worries. Shallow fleeting pleasure, after which the soul will remain a bitter aftertaste of frustration and disappointment.

A modern dream book

To buy the boat at a high price – you acted rashly and unwisely, which will be on the hand of your enemies. They will do everything to humiliate your credibility. Quick boat ride to success. This contributes to a lot of your ability to keep yourself in shape and concentrate in difficult moments.

If a young girl sees in a dream far away on the water boat, so she will have to meet with his betrothed.

Ukrainian dream book

To swim in the river – wait for separation. If the ship capsized, someone will die.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Boat ride in the dream in the cloudless weather, is a sign of joy, success and abundance. If, during a boat trip, a storm broke, expect trouble. If the boat safely reached the shore, you have a quiet life, not marred by unexpected events. If a man fell into the water, get ready to experience great misfortune.

To see the boat in night dreams – to a variety of emotions. You are waiting for the laughter and crying, joy and sorrow, misfortune and fortune simultaneously.

The Russian dream book

The boat in the dream – a good sign. Together with your friends you will experience many joyful events, and it will bring you closer together and strengthen your friendship.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Observe the graceful sailing boats before the trip. This journey will be exciting, interesting, romantic and will be remembered for a long time. Travel on it – a good sign. You have everything is going smoothly, you are able to make decisions and good judgment even in difficult situations. These qualities contribute to your personal success.

To buy a boat in a dream – to spontaneous actions, which in end result will bring you good or benefit. Everything happens in the best way.

If you are going to walk on the boat, but it does not start the engine, do not rush to make serious decisions. In the near future, you should not do important things, still there is no progress. You will try to make great effort, but everything will stand still. Set it aside for a more favorable time.

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