Had a dream you cut in a dream

Dreams in which the sleeper that something hurts, not only symbolize the inner experiences, but also warn about relations with family, at work and in the society of friends. In some dream books cutting – means to deprive themselves of something or to lose loved ones.

What a dream cutting in the dream, dream interpretation

What a dream cutting in the dream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of psychologist Miller

Dream interpretation interpreterpath vision depending on what cuts sleep.

  • Bird – you need to prepare for trouble, poverty. Respect you stop, start to say not nice, and your presence in others will only cause irritation;
  • Meat is a warning about the wrong, bad investments of money, so seeing this dream, you need to try to rectify the situation.

Esoteric dream book

To see yourself or someone cutting – a warning of danger. Be careful in transport, in society, at work and with household appliances. Prediction of sleep can depend on what you cut:

  • Knife – car accident, man-made disaster, explosion, flooding;
  • Used scissors – you will find betrayal;
  • Razor – you don’t feel confident, and it makes it difficult to achieve the goal;
  • Machine – trouble in the house.

If you cut, it is likely that the danger will affect you.

Ukrainian dream book

When hibernate sees that something is off, then it’s time loss. Such a dream warns that your life can leave important close friends can be a loss of property.

ABC of the interpretation

  • Cutting paper or cloth to give up anything;
  • Beard, hair, mustache – can you feel the restrictions and harassment at work;
  • Vegetables – someone needs your help.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

Cut in a dream – you can’t get rid of the past, you keep the events and people that have long needed to let go of. If the incision oozes blood, you are afraid to lose someone.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

To cut something in a dream means disputes, disagreements, unwillingness to agree with the opposite side. Remember, what you cut:

  • Vegetables – spores are in the home and family;
  • Tissue misunderstanding will arise when solving current cases;
  • Meat or fish – professional disputes which can turn out in your favor;
  • Onions – you do not have to cope with the competitors;
  • Bread – poor and savings;
  • Apples – will and separation;
  • Cabbage – you will have to spend a large sum of money to the debt;
  • Paper – all our plans succeed, you will come to the goal;
  • Metal – you need to get rid of unnecessary aggressiveness.
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