Slit my throat in my sleep – why dream about it?

A sleeping man perceives the world in their own way, every detail, item, or even color could have a meaning different from the real one. Sometimes not to remember the whole dream, and some details of the event, you can see a man in a dream, but to remember a particular part of your body, hand or perhaps throat. The latter is often associated with the bloody events (in a dream is realized the famous phrase «cut throat»).

pererezat gorlo vo sne, k chemu takoe mozhet snitsya?

Slit my throat in my sleep, what can you dream of?

Autumn dream interpretation

According to the autumn forecasts of the interpreter, if you have a dream, that the throat hurts, the reality is that you need to prepare it to the same: angina and other inflammatory processes in this area. Perhaps the subconscious has recorded the time of origin of disease and signals the person about the need to take preventive measures.

Persian dream book

This vision can predict the future poverty, health problems, worsening living standards and a deep need.

Summer dream

The situation is completely opposite: sore throat, prividevshayasya in the dream is a symbol of absolute health, a signal that the pain will pass away.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to him, there are different possible explanation, which could mean this dream. If one feels the tension of laryngeal muscles or pain, as in angina, the interpreter explains that a developed human with a sense of envy, which leads many of his deeds and actions.

Another explanation, if a person dreams that he scratches his throat, is a sign of future sorrow, sadness, unpleasant moments. Slit my throat in my sleep himself in reality promises only good things, a symbol that the person will be able to achieve a lot in your career and personal life.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Had a sore throat, even sick or cut, this dream is interpreted quietly. Dream swollen throat is fortunately, problems with swallowing is good luck, a slit throat, a symbol of success in business, and huge.

Ukrainian dream book

According to this dream book, to cut the throat itself means nothing, as a victory in any important endeavor or success. While this in itself had a throat interpreted as a symbol of sadness.

Idiomatic Tlumach

The tightness or sensation of a lump in the throat can be a harbinger of deep resentment or a serious obstacle that prevents the realization of your plans. The sense of anguish in the throat, as after crying, says a long but vain attempt to get her to pointless disputes.

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