Blinds, curtains, tulle: dream interpretation interpret what a dream

Tulle in a dream is a favorable symbol that foretells pleasant changes in life, dizzying success with the opposite sex and a proposal for marriage. However, together with some details of this sign may warn of an impending divorce and a serious loss.

dream tulle

Tulle/Curtains: dream book interprets the dream about the curtains

A modern dream book

Girl tulle dream, if it is waiting for a passionate love from the noble non-poor person. Consider curtains in a dream – to have the reality of the problems whose solution cannot be postponed any longer single minute. Torn curtain may portend that the way out of this predicament will be found.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

In any dream where there is a fabric curtain, there is some mystery. Remember what window have you seen the tulle. If your this means that you are afraid that your secrets anyone finds out, and on another – to the entrusting of confidential information. A billowing tulle dream pleasant chores.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Tulle white by dream warns against unnecessary acquisitions, are able to deliver a hefty financial difficulties. For girls seen to symbolize the marriage. Shuttered Windows in the house to do business, which is able to deliver pleasure.

Dream interpretation miss Khas

Dream curtains can impersonate attempt to interfere in your personal life. Buy tulle on the window in a dream – to publicize their relationship with a partner, what will later come to regret. In this case it is better to be a little careful not to share secrets with outsiders.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova E.

Curtains sometimes have unexpected guests arrive. The color of the curtains also indicates various events in a person’s life. White tulle by dream dream for the wedding, black for funerals, red goodbye, and the green to the happiness and well-being in the house. Dirty Drapes see if you in the near future expects an awkward situation.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

Transparent tulle on the window through which the internal lighting visible from the street room decor, dream, if in reality annoy unfamiliar people. If in the dream plain curtains fanned by gusts of wind, your life is planned a love affair, but it will be short-lived.

Esoteric dream book

A dream in which there are new curtains, may mean that a person is waiting for a new relationship. Be prepared for the fact that they will cause a lot of gossip about you. If a young woman dreamed that she sews curtains, soon she will want to marry.

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