What dream of a river over?

The river often symbolizes the insurmountable life circumstances. But in different books of dreams interpretation can differ.

Sleep push stroke

What does it mean to see the river over in my sleep

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If you dream you see yourself enveloped in a stormy sea current, be prepared for a long heated argument. You will have the blood to prove the correctness of their views. However, other people will defend the opposite of your. If you dream you see during stormy, you will have the opportunity to Express their individuality. You will be able to stand out among the gray mass of the originality of their judgments and opinions. Only behave quietly. It is not necessary to raise your voice and shake his fists. Adequate behavior will have your opponents up to you.

Children’s dream book

If in the dream you were seized by a strong current and you have no way to oppose him, fate will be stronger than you. You can’t change. Circumstances will put you in a deadlock.

What dream of a river with a rapid current that carries debris, debris and chips – to someone’s failure. You’ll see the trouble your friends, but your help will be useless.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To watch the rapid flow of the river – the new changes in life. Not the fact that they will fall to your taste, but you just have to accept. If you dream floundering in the river and do some action, you will have strong feelings. You may have to experience severe stress. If you swam against the tide – be prepared to defend their right to life and happiness.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Sleep on rough water and for mountain stream speaks to the fact that you will find a romance novel. If you dream you rushed to him and the water captured you, this will be very difficult to get rid of. If you dream you were underwater, you will find a difficult life situation.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

If during sleep the person feels like his body is engulfed rapid for him to stand trial.

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

Dream of a river with the current, the water flows muddy and dirty, you should expect problems, setbacks and conflicts.

English dream interpretation

Dream up a river with dirty water – a bad sign. You expect obstacles in love Affairs and at work. If for quiet and smooth the surface of the water, your marriage will be happy. Your family expects material well-being. Children will grow you for the joy.

Assyrian dream book

If a person is drowning in the river, captured over, but still floated on the surface, it is waiting for wealth and prosperity.

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