To dream of cucumbers

Green, firm cucumbers has always been considered an indicator of good health, youth, turbulent energy and vigor. Interpreters of dreams for a long time analyzed the appearance of your favorite vegetable in different forms to describe what dream the cucumbers.

what have cucumbers

What dream fresh cucumbers

Summer dream

To see cucumbers in a dream – the good news, to collect in the beds – you will get a rich harvest, your efforts will be rewarded with a vengeance. Lots of cucumbers – wait long-awaited guests, friends and relatives.

Autumn dream interpretation

Saw in a dream a lot of cucumbers – wait long-awaited guests, friends and relatives.

Spring dream interpretation

To pickle cucumbers to the conflict in the family, quarrel with son-in-law.

Love dream interpretation

Dreaming of cucumbers to meet a good man, family happiness, harmony health and financial well-being. Soon will happen a radical change in my life for the better. Among the vegetables most often in dreams cucumbers dream, what could it be? Don’t worry, lovers dream is an indicator of the strong relationship and symbolizes their youth.

Women’s dream book

To see cucumbers in a dream to prosperity, good health, success in work. If cucumbers saw a sick man, soon there was complete recovery. For lovers dream means an improvement on the love front, harmony in the relationship.

Children’s dream book

In this type of dream explains what dream fresh cucumbers. A dream in which he saw a strong, green vegetables, means getting praise for a job well done, job. You will start to enjoy respect among their colleagues and friends.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

For women sleep green cucumbers means getting surprise gifts for young girls – a meeting with a handsome and kind guy. For men cucumbers mean quick profits, money, wealth. A dream in which a green cucumber lying on the snow – you hear gossip about a love couple. Rotten, wilted, yellow cucumber symbolizes male impotence. To sow the garden seeds cucumber – will be in a difficult position, lose a considerable amount of money, buying cucumbers – your work won’t be appreciated, which will lead to quarrels, conflicts. Here it is specified, what dream green cucumbers – happiness, good health and rich harvest.

Family dream book

Cucumbers dream of the individuals who soar in the clouds, dreaming of the unreal. Stop, start living the real life, be content with what is really available to you. Yellow, overripe vegetable dream to problems, disappointment, frustration. Gather cucumbers – learn to appreciate what we have. You keep wanting more, but you could lose your momentum.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of cucumbers – wait to visit relatives. Just have cucumbers to the trouble. To booze, to see pickles – to the weakness of beriberi.

People’s dreams

A dream in which eating cucumbers, dreaming to conflict should avoid «sharp corners» to solve problems peacefully. If you’re not prudent and reasonable, can be in the center of the scandal, which you have drawn detractors. Show your strength – your reputation is not tarnished.

Put in dream cucumbers – too lightly to the cases you are inattentive and as a result may lose material goods. Should focus on the most important issues, a minor set aside.

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