Crying in sleep: what it

Sometimes when waking «eyes on the wet spot», so emotional may be a dream. You can Wake up in a good mood, but crying in a dream is an important sign. You should thoroughly understand the meaning of such dreams, otherwise, you may lose the predictions of important future events.

crying in my sleep

Crying in my sleep

Dream Meridian

If you are crying for a man who is far from you, then it can be a nuisance.

To see an ex-girlfriend in tears – your sign of reconciliation happening. Even if you’re not together, then at least you will be able to return to the moral mind.

Loud sobs predict happy events.

Much crying in my dream for ladies, the sign of a successful marriage.

The Dream Miller

If a young girl sheds tears in her sleep, then awake she could fight with her boyfriend.

To cry at the wedding in a dream – a warning. You risk soon to marry not for love, this Union will make you miserable.

Businessman dream of crying as a sign of difficulties. He should take a responsible approach to business, not to become bankrupt.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

At the prophesies of the Bulgarian prophetess crying in the dream to joyful news and success in all intended cases.

Weeping icon promises trouble and disease. Be careful and attentive.

If you had a sobbing relative, then in reality he will be happy and healthy.

Hysterical crying symbolizes a noisy wedding, you or your family member.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Weeping woman symbolizes a subconscious desire to become a mother.

If in a dream crying man, then in reality he is a womanizer and a lover to have easy relationships with many ladies.

Interpretation on the esoteric E. Tsvetkov

Tears from the eyes of loved ones in a dream symbolize your unfair treatment of him. You can greatly hurt or betray reality.

Cry the beloved warns of the possibility of major conflicts in reality.

If you dream you shed tears of joy, it is a sign to look at your life. Dream, suggests what is truly important to you.

Crying in a dream portends joy and success in all endeavors.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

Tears in a dream, according to the famous psychologist, do not carry a specific meaning. He thinks it’s just a reaction to the aggravating circumstance of life, an emotional release during the holidays.

The interpretation of the Duke of Zhou-Gong

If you are crying in a dream with someone, you will soon receive an unexpected gift.

Loud cry – a symbol of the joyful events in reality.

If the person is crying out loud, closed their teeth in the dream, then be prepared for the competition with a strong opponent.

Autumn dream interpretation

The need for understanding and compassion – that’s what dreams crying in my sleep. Do not worry, soon you will receive unexpected support from unfamiliar person.

If you cry in Church, the reality of the wait for an invitation to the ceremony.

Esoteric dream book

Tears from the eyes of a dog in a dream symbolizes the defeat of your enemy. He will be faced with your calm and strength and will be forced to concede.

Weeping in the cemetery the anticipation of the great changes in life. You will start with a clean sheet, but do not worry – you will cope with all the difficulties.

Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

In the book of dreams Apostle dream, where there is weeping, is a good dream. It marks the auspicious event in your family.

Family dream book

Crying girl symbolises interesting acquaintances in the near future. If a woman from a dream familiar to you, then waiting for her good news.

Mother in tears dream as a warning about the wrong priorities in life. You should think about your health and personal life.

If in a dream crying one, you should pay attention to their surroundings. Perhaps someone hides his true attitude.

Through tears, the daughter signals problems waking your child. A girl can hide them because of shame, so try to learn about her feelings in a delicate conversation.

Be careful, otherwise you can draw in other people’s intrigues and scandals says dreaming with a crying sister. Even if you are able to defend herself in a verbal duel, you will long to bother with an unpleasant aftertaste.

In the dream, the wife is crying – prepare for financial difficulties and red tape with the papers. Adverse period, however, will soon pass.

A man in tears in a dream – a sign of vagueness or hidden problems in your marriage. Worth a look, maybe the solution of family problems on the surface.

If grandma will dream of such, be prepared for unfair accusations. Try not too upset, the truth will prevail.

Bride in tears, foretells failure in love Affairs. Perhaps you have a lot of fans, but one of them you may not notice these feelings.

When you unravel this dream, remember that tears are cleansing and liberation from the moral burden. Don’t be afraid to cry, sometimes it’s just necessary, whether in a dream or reality. Let all the good omens will come true, and the bad will pass you by!

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