Dream interpretation: to dream of a crow

Dreams of the Raven warn us of danger. This image signifies misfortune, disease. Obviously, the dreamer expects black life band, in which there is a place for financial problems, unfair treatment, the treacherous behavior of close people. Crow nakliyat trouble. Need less to trust strangers, not to get involved in a money adventure, not to quarrel with a loved one.

What dreams crow dream interpretation

What dreams crow dream interpretation

One crow

By dream, the crow marks a sad incident, loss, disappointment, theft, treason.

Croaking bird – bad news.

For the young guys – tricks, intrigues on the part of the fairer sex. You will come across on tricks of wily women.

Raven – a lie, slander.

A very old Raven – abrupt changes in destiny. For a young girl – long separation from loved ones.

Dream interpretation says: black Raven missed something — profit, you will find the purse money.

To catch a crow is to avoid trouble.

To hold a meeting with the person, not worthy of attention, waste of time.

Kill – a victory over rival enemies.

To eat meat is to be fascinated, bewitched.

Pluck love out.

Friends – to catch a thief red-handed.

Dead bird – this dream is not a harbinger of disaster. The person that sees it, we have nothing to fear.

Black crow in a dream – the woman with the evil eye, damage, negative.

A dream books associate the crow with a woman. Perhaps you live with your mother and she does not allow you to Express your individuality. The dream encourages you to escape from subordination, to become more independent, gain independence. It’s time to start my own life by my own rules.

A flock of crows

Crow in a dream – a bad sign. What if she were in a dream? A flock of flying black birds often also does not Bode well.

Lots of swirling crows – the death, burial, suffering, mourning.

Cawing loudly birds caused resentment, bitterness, hatred. You succumb to negative influence, it is foolish to dispose of money or property.

The ravens are fighting with the sparrows – mass celebrations, drunken company.

Darkness covered the earth, the field is a bad year, high price, higher prices.

If you had, like a flock of crows perched on the branches of a tree, so soon your whole family will gather in one place.

Don’t act unethically, try to correct mistakes. Always tell the truth. Be prepared for the changes that will soon happen to you.

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