What dreams cross

Cross for most people is a symbol of faith, of goodness and light. It is worn under clothing and remain close to his heart as the most important secret and the Shrine. Not surprisingly, the sign of the cross is firmly deposited in the subconscious of man. Dream of the cross – what is it? The interpretation of this dream may differ depending on the dream book and details. First, let’s remember all the circumstances of the dream, and then you’ll find the right explanation. What dreams cross?

What dreams cross

What dreams cross

Interpretation Miller

  • To see the cross in a dream – a sign of approaching disaster, you’ll find it the fault of others.
  • Kiss in the dream religious symbol promises the reconciliation with all the troubles that will soon come your way.
  • Stand in front of the cross is a warning of repentance and deep sorrow.
  • If you dream you keep the cross, the reality should start to help others, to do charity work.

Women’s dream book

  • The cross in a dream – a symbol of protection from trouble, renewal and forgiveness.
  • Shining crucifix in a dream tells about your ability to forgive offenses.
  • A young woman sees the Orthodox symbol as a sign of good fortune and love.

A modern dream book

  • To carry the cross in a dream – the prediction of toil and hardship.
  • If you find a cross, you will soon win.

Dream Meridian

  • Unexpected love and a joyful event – it’s something you dream of Golden cross.
  • If pectoral ornament in the dream broke, soon fate will make you a lot of tests.
  • If the crucifix you can clearly see the face of Christ, then get ready for a test of strength of will.
  • Gold cross necklace from dream girl as a sign of imminent marriage. If she’s already married, then the environment will be a person that will greatly affect her fate.

Interpretation Vanga

  • By dream the great soothsayer cross means a talisman from evil and forgiveness.
  • If the priest in a dream puts you cross, you will be protected from great harm.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

  • To avoid in the dream to wear the cross – the sign of shame and negative attitudes towards universal values.

Interpretation Of Nostradamus

  • If I see a eagle with cross in talons, soon we can expect aggressive action from a powerful state.
  • Dream interpretation of the predictor explains the cross encircled in a circle, like a harbinger of more troubles.
  • Hot creed – the warning of danger.
  • Put a cross in a dream – wait for requests for assistance from close. But the consequences of this act of kindness will long haunt you.

A modern dream book

  • A cross in a dream foretells good news and interesting events.
  • Worn wooden symbol of faith in a dream – the prediction of success in all cases.
  • If you dream you see yourself as crucified, you are waiting for a serious test.
  • Iron cross promises superior protection and support that will save you from trouble.
  • To attach his lips to the crucifix means that soon you will need patience and poise in front of an important task.

Due to the strong positive power of the cross is usually a dream as auspicious. Trust good signs, because the belief in the best is a great Foundation for any deeds.

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