To dream of a crocodile

In the dream interpretation crocodile is the enemy or the symbol of the onset of a lot of trouble. This dream often indicates that life sleeping would be a serious problem.

what dreams crocodile

What dreams crocodile

Dream Meridian

Crocodile in water – strong enemy, foe, powerful man.

Crocodiles tear prey, you will attract a lot of trouble.

Crocodiles fighting each other – witness the hard conflict, strife, try to stay away.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

The crocodile is a significant person from the environment of the sleeper. How behaved animal in the dream, to judge what role he plays in reality.

To feed a crocodile is to forgive the enemy, to make peace with the enemy.

Crocodile attacks – wait for the insults, criticism from superiors, dismissal from work.

Crocodile tormented prey, you will not be able to help people who are hurt in front of you.

Crocodiles fighting each other – you are surrounded by the evil, insidious enemies, stay away from them.

The figure, which depicts a crocodile, a warning of danger.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If the sleeper dreamt of a crocodile, so in reality it can be influenced by a bad person. Understand people around you, and try to stay away from people who you guard.

Crocodile attack – ridicule, slander, strife.

Crocodile catching up on sushi, you will achieve respect, and your enemies will show their real face;

Crocodile in water is the enemy hiding and waiting for the moment when you lose vigilance.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Sleeping threatens the person will have to obey to avoid the big problems. The larger the crocodile the more powerful foe.

Children’s dream book

To dream of a crocodile is to yield to persuasion, to let into your life the unkind person who sooner or later will harm you. Crocodile bites you is a real risk.

Women’s dream book

To see the crocodile is powerful supporter.

Crocodile bites you – that can change lives.

The crocodile swims – focus, foe has planned evil against you.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Perhaps this dream is a warning that you need to stay away from the government, high-ranking people.

Where was the crocodile?

In the water – in big trouble.

In the house you risk losing the property through the fault of the abuser.

In the river – do not ignore a warning of danger, believe in intuition.

In the apartment – you’re too close to let into your life the person you do not know, now he can threaten your family.

What did you do with the crocodile?

Caught – the enemy is smarter than you imagine.

Played – you contemptuously are close.

Caught – the problem will be resolved in your favor.

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