What is dreaming a crime

To commit the crime in reality is very bad. And that presages a dream like that? How to interpret the crime in the dream, different interpreters?

Crime in my sleep

Crime in my sleep

Universal dream

To interpret this dream in a crime should matter to anyone is an illegal act and how you behave in these circumstances. If the criminal act is aimed in your direction, then in reality you be in danger.

It may be a crime in a dream is a commemoration of the life situation that you think is completely unfair.

Saw in a dream a crime or an insult – maybe in reality you want to cause someone humiliation or will suffer from unflattering comments.

Medieval dream book

If in the dream you met clitorectomy act, in fact you will be surrounded by the enemy in considerable quantity.

The dream dictionary from A to z

You can compromise – that’s what having a crime where you were a witness.

When you dream you tried to justify the crime, in fact you’ll have to break your head over whom to choose as partners to keep things going well and revenues grew.

When in the dream you beheld a petty offense for which managed to get off with a mere fine, in reality you better as quickly as possible to implement their idea, otherwise someone will overtake.

When the dreams that you robbed a Bank in reality expect large financial losses.

If you dream you had to be punished for a crime actually will be involved in a major scandal involving a reputable institution. When they managed to avoid punishment, you will have hope for a brighter future.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Crime can be a symbol of fear, anxiety, desire to run away from bad events.

Incredibly horrible crime law may indicate a condemnation of his actions, actually perfect any person of a crime. Maybe you secretly want to do something extraordinary, but the ban itself.

To commit murder in a dream – this dream expresses extreme hatred towards any individual.

Expresses personal desires had stolen. Also, such a dream could indicate a desire punishment for their bad deeds.

When in a dream a person threatens another person might in reality seen dangerous individual threatens another person.

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