What prevents the crane in a dream?

Beautiful stately birds are often associated with good tidings, happiness and success. A crane in a dream symbolizes positive aspects of succeeding in life, family and togetherness. However, there are negative interpretations of such dreams.

the crane in dreams

What prevents the crane in a dream?

Family dream book

Flying cranes are a fulfillment of cherished desires, lack of power to implement the set objectives, implement plans.

Many beautiful white birds in a dream — to a strong family, give birth to healthy children, prosperity in the house.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Wounded crane in a dream foretells a sleeping man, the danger of his entourage. There is another interpretation of the dream with a wounded bird, someone from relatives or friends in need of the dreamer.

To follow the mating dance of cranes to meet a future husband. For couples the sleep is treated as a quick wedding.

Female interpreter

A vision in a dream of pie in the sky, flying in a northerly direction, predicts the possible disappointment in a love relationship, the deterioration of the financial situation. Flying birds towards the South — fidelity, long-awaited meetings. Landed a flock of birds is interpreted as an unexpected pleasant events in life.

A modern dream book

A large flock of birds, which have an account that flies over your head — to the unexpected arrival of relatives, long trip. A couple of cranes, prividevshayasya in a dream, means an ambulance for the men, the marriage for women.

Flight riding on the bird marks a rapid career growth.

Love dream interpretation

To dream of cranes flying wedge, to a nice romantic news. Bird watching in the sky promises a dreamer the confidence in a loved one, a reliable support in his face.

A dream in which the dreamer saw the key of cranes, predicts the imminent separation with the beloved (beloved). The dream marks the rupture of a sexual relationship with a man who fully satisfies the dreamer.

On the ground the crane dreams in an unplanned pregnancy and possible STD’s.

Star dream interpretation

The appearance of a crane in a dream — to improve relations in the family, reconciliation after a long conflict. The singing of the birds promises a dreamer the good news, deliverance from a long illness.

The old Slavic dream book

To observe the crane in a dream — to a good, smooth road without obstacles. To see how the bird hovers in the air, coming up to adversity.

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