Dream. Cow

A dream involving cows may portend different events in different spheres of life. Taking into account all the circumstances of the dream, you will be able to find the most accurate interpretation. What dreams cow?

What dreams cow

What dreams cow

Dream Meridian

If a woman dreams that she is milking a cow, in reality the relationship with the children she will improve; dream of giving birth the cow is pregnant as a harbinger of a difficult childbirth.

Large and healthy animals promise wealth and prosperity, haggard and thin – troubles and serious illness.

If you dream that a herd is attacking you, the reality of the wait for the betrayal of a close friend.

Small dream book of Veles

A cow in a dream – a sign of profit and lucrative offers from strangers. You dream that you sell a cow, – in reality you expect losses. Well-fed and healthy animal is a sign of good news and prosperity.

Iron cow is sign of prosperity and wealth in the house.

Lost in a dream animal means trouble in a new business, you may not have enough power to finish an important job.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

To dream of a healthy, but the hornless cow means a meeting with a stubborn and powerful person, his actions can disrupt your harmony and way of life.

A cow in an apron in a dream indicates that you have little time to devote to family and the other half.

The search for cows – a sign that you will be able to establish a trusting relationship with your child.

A large herd of cloven-hoofed animals dream before the improvement of the material welfare, and also means impending amendment of home Affairs.

To keep a cow when she is milked by strangers, a sign of monetary difficulties and losses.

Dream interpretation of Yuri Longo

The dream interpretation white mage cow means finding a way out of a difficult problem. If you start to rush into a decision, and will not be able to find the right way. You should wait a bit and the issue will resolve itself.

Milking the cow marks the reconciliation with a friend. This dream indicates that it is not necessary to insist on their pride; if the dream as you graze a herd of these animals, then be prepared to face reality with envy. Bad people will not harm you directly, but can start to dissolve the nasty rumors to tarnish your reputation.

The cow chewing the grass – a symbol of your passivity. Maybe someone’s counting on you and believes in your strength, but you do not try to live up to the expectations.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

If in the dream an ox goes to the mountain, soon you will attain success and prosperity in all things;

Blood stains on the horns of the Buffalo – a symbol of your rapid achievements in the field of public administration.

If you have a dream as the bull comes into the house, then your family can attend the mourning.

The birth of a calf – a good sign. This dream means fulfillment of all desires. The call to the city on the bull is a symbol of happy event.

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

Wealth and prosperity – that’s what having well-fed and healthy cows, lean animal, the foreknowledge of loss and poverty.

A cow that Moos acts as a warning for minor troubles and the images that will soon be forgotten.

If you had a barn, soon you successfully get married, or to have a promising job offer.

A modern dream book

To dream of a horned animal – a sign of a delicious hearty meal.

If the cow tries to hurt you – in reality you may be faced with indelity. If the cows fight each other, expect a big fortune.

Had a milkmaid – be prepared for desperate actions of a woman that you trust.

Black cow in a dream means sickness or loss if you ask – will not escape the sadness and tears.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

If in the dream you walks this animal, in reality you will find a rich inheritance.

Good news and joy about her child – that’s what dreaming cow woman with children, especially favorable for such a dream, if the animal will be milked. Saw a cow on the horizon – will soon receive good news.

Ukrainian dream book

If you had a cow awaits milking, nice things will start to roll on you like a horn of plenty.

If the animal in the dream, snow-white color, has no spots, be careful, you are in big trouble.

To process cow meat, surprisingly, a good night’s sleep. It means material prosperity.

If you drink milk in a dream, in reality will not escape the health problems, but quickly recover.

Cow brown-red color is often interpreted as a harbinger of the fire in the house.

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