What a dream bag in the dream

What a dream bag?

dream interpretation purse

Bag in a dream — what does it mean?

Spring dream interpretation

As a rule, appointment cosmetic storage women’s cosmetics, so if these accessories had you in a dream, it portends in the near future an easy affair. If you had a beautician who works over your image, it speaks about deterioration of your appearance. Worth doing yourself.

Russian folk dream interpretation

In this dream the makeup bag is a symbol of attracting attention or skillful seduction. Cosmetics applied to the face of the dreamer, tells about his insecurity or, on the contrary, high self-esteem. Perhaps the person does not want to disclose their plans to others, and therefore enjoys the distracting attributes.

Summer dream

Good expensive bag the dream to the satisfaction of their needs, expensive.

Autumn dream interpretation

Expensive makeup or cosmetic bag is a dream, as a rule, before the advent in the life of a wealthy lover.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of the road make-up bag that contains a large number of useful women’s stuff, is a warning to a sleeping person. He should care more about their own health and well-being. If you dream you gently apply on face makeup, it suggests that we should be more restrained in his personal thoughts and act slightly more cautious, slowly. To remove makeup is to reveal the truth about himself. Your lies will only bring losses. If you had a bag, from which beautician gets the items, it speaks about your desire to get the location of the person who remains indifferent. In fact, your efforts no one will appreciate, your passion does not reciprocate.

To see to the dreamer a dream in which he, not being a beautician, deftly manipulating with makeup, trying to learn this occupation, not good. You should be prepared for trouble. To work on her make up in dreams for a sleeping person it acts as a warning. You may be trying to hide something, but no set of tools from beauticians won’t do it. The secret will be known.

A dream in which you do not even touch the makeup, and just observe the actions of another person who does it, tells about a dishonest friend who can betray or to substitute, throw in the right moment.

To get lipstick from a cosmetics – for girls this portends a date or love affair, but for men it is a business meeting.

If the dreamer uses the blush in a dream, it could mean great surprise in reality. When blush is difficult to find in the purse, in real life it promises an awkward situation when we need to make decisions quickly.

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