What dream that you see a body?

The appearance of the corpse can not only cause unpleasant emotions, but also to warn about future problems that will bring devastation and sadness. Sometimes the dead person reminds the dreamer of his inner needs, desires that lurk deep inside. Maybe we should postpone the case, to review the plans for the future or to understand the feelings with a close friend?

The corpse in the dream

What does the corpse in the dream

Esoteric dream book

A corpse in a dream is a signal that the danger associated with health. A small cut can result in the abscess, and chronic illness to worsen. Mental state also needs balance. It’s time to make yourself comfortable and remember that the world is full of positive.

Vedic dream interpretation

The interpretation of such a symbol, like a corpse, dream interpretation connects with the upcoming marriage. To look better to your partner in advance, it may not be the man that need a dreamer in life.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of a corpse, or a close familiar person – to sever relations with him out, changes his (her) social or personal status. The lifeless body of a stranger – until after long and hard consideration, complex project. Decomposes? You can expect white stripes in Finance. Unpleasant smells? Hence, it should be in the pursuit of wealth to play by fair rules, otherwise risk exposure. Dead animals – to the trouble.

French dream book

The corpses had, most likely, to the fighting and conflict situations that touch many. He dead bodes in reality, good health and a long happy life.

The Dream Miller

If a person sees during the sleep as rirual corpses, the reality of it may be forced to take up arms and send in the midst of the fighting. Lying next to the lifeless body – to survive the depression, losing the vital landmarks to be disappointed.

You need to get in order and to seek new experiences and friends. You may have to change jobs. The dead man is the end of the old, the experienced, which is something new.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

The corpse is a sign of an emergency illness, bad news, sadness about someone. Not excluded and separation from someone close to them. But if the many lifeless bodies do not inspire fear – is a symbol of speedy success and luck.

Erotic dream book

Corpse to dream of a possible betrayal from a loved one.

Women’s dream book

The corpse of a loved one – the breakups, the betrayals. To see dead someone from the family to the separation of the human disease. If he’s dressed in black – it is better to abandon the newly developed plans. The results are not happy. To see the coffin of the deceased – to ensure that all the problems will end. To see the corpse in the store, on display, in a public place – a certain group of people will be total disaster.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

The corpse may be a dream, when in real life the dreamer lacks activity. It is a symbol, symbolizing the displacement of all the «live» (interested person) death (duty, responsibility). It is time to allow change to break in the gray days.

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