What dreams cookies

A favorite of many a delicacy, cookies, like a return to childhood and the memories associated with that period of life. To understand what dream of cookies, it is important to remember such moments, dreams: who cooks it, where it was, it is not sweet or salty, you baked it yourself or just received as a gift.

What dreams biscuits dream interpretation

What dreams biscuits dream interpretation

To make scones in my sleep

This dream often foretells the arrival of guests and a good time. For your trouble you will receive a generous reward, but you’ll have to do a lot of routine and boring work. Sometimes cooking cookies dream to laziness and the fact that important things have to be postponed indefinitely. Cook it together with friends or members of your family to a long but empty communication time wasted.

Sometimes this dream foretells an important meeting or an invitation to a celebration, where navideca can meet a nice young man.

If you had a cookie making at Christmas, wait for the imminent guests. Girl this dream foretells generous gifts or acquaintance with a nice and pleasant man, a home, secured and simple. If cookies are prepared by the guy, waiting for him unpleasant duties, which will require a lot of free time. The married man this dream foretells the troubles associated with young children.

What dreams cookie

Such a dream signifies news of a generous gift or a nice hotel. It is possible that you will learn a lot of interesting stories to tell your friends and girlfriends. Family people this dream can predict the birth of a plump, healthy baby with relatives or wife’s pregnancy.

Girls to receive cookies as a gift to the important and pleasant conversation, rural residents – before meeting her future husband. He could be pleasant, loyal family man and a handyman. However, life with him will be in constant troubles and worries. To receive cookies as a gift from a friend – up to good news about mutual friends.

I have cookies – keeping your knowledge to yourself, treat others to gossip and idle talk in pleasant company.

Types of cookies according to the interpretation of horoscopes

Oatmeal, large biscuit portends a happy family, met her future husband and the birth of a child couples, the cheese – to the material well-being, sugar and sand – fun, chocolate, expensive gifts and romance on the side that you want to hide from others.

Sometimes this dream promises you an invitation to the feast, which will be held in the evening, or unexpected enrichment.

The cookies in the glaze – the children’s festival, at which you will be invited, and fleeting pleasures.

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