What dreams construction

Building a new home in reality it means the beginning of the best life changes for the better, full updates. Solid house symbolizes the protection from the weather and enemies. In the dream, the building represents a different event.

dream construction

What dreams construction

The Dream Miller

Walking in a dream on the territory of the house under construction – you will find wealth, financial well-being. Build your own house – you have wonderful support from relatives. Builder multistory building – be careful, the haters are preparing to prevent the implementation of your plans. A dream in which walk among debris, sudden illness, need to care about the health, strengthen the immune system, to calm the nerves. What a dream the construction of the store or large market watch Finance, a dream warns of the possibility of damages. To get an apartment in a new building – expect a promotion, the higher will be housing, the higher will be the purpose. Rebuild the dream house – you are tired of routine, of monotony, want to change the way of life, to introduce novelty.

People’s dreams

To buy an apartment in an unfinished house – expect obstacles, which path to success will be slow. Repairs in the new housing – you want to do the same with their look in reality. Go to the beauty shop, the campaign will bring a lot of fun. To dream of yourself as a helper builders will move. Tower crane in the dream symbolizes complete freedom of action. Any actions you did not commit, all will find an excuse. You dream you are the foreman – waiting for minor troubles, but thanks to his prudence, experience can overcome all difficulties. You are the Builder of your own life and don’t need assistants. On the contrary, your advice is to listen to others.

Esoteric dream book

In this dream garage construction – you will be visited by guests to a pleasant hassle. To build a dream wall in your own home get ready for a painstaking and exhausting work before you achieve the desired. Walking through an abandoned construction site – there’s no need to worry about other people’s problems, save your nerves. Besides, you can lose time, designed to solve their own problems. Unfinished building dreams to failure. Decided to rebuild the house – the friends, the reconstruction of industrial object – desire, which has never dreamed again can become a reality.

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