Declaration of love in a dream

Confession: dream interpretation. It’s nice when someone admits to their tender feelings! And what does a dream about love? It will explain the various dream books.

To dream recognition

To dream recognition

A modern dream book

According to him, a confession of love can have both positive and negative. The dream may be a harbinger of receiving the invitation to the ceremonial event, and that it really happened, you need to put in your pocket for a shell.

When in sleep recognition in the delicate feelings came from you, a man uses too much of your kindness. To provide protection from such unwanted operation it is necessary to moisten the tape is yellow in salted water and tie it to your head for the night.

Declaration of love in a dream in the direction of the stranger shows that in reality you will suffer from secret sighs and lonely life.

When the tender feelings you admitted to your friends, you will quarrel with them.

You confessed your feelings beloved – wait long streaks. Maybe you will have to move to another town or even another country.

When in the dream you witnessed someone confessed his feelings – so in reality you embroiled in a love triangle.

Confessed romantic feelings to the people you know in the near future you will change their views on the world and the attitude to some members of his entourage.

The Dream Miller

Saw the Declaration of love in a dream in your side – in reality will soon change the usual living environment. But this dream can be interpreted in another way: the suffering you feel about the person who does not deserves such treatment.

When from love confessions you have received weight of pleasure and pleasant experiences, in reality, expect good changes.

When in a dream a girl gets ardent love, the same event in reality. Male same sex, such a dream foretells disappointment and trouble that will arise on the background of communicating with other men.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

When in the dream you had a chance to hear a Declaration of love, so, in reality, your loved ones and friends are waiting for a romantic relationship. But the offensive pleasant change will affect your feelings.

When in his senses, admitted the man, well you know, so in fact he is not very honest to you.

When sincere feelings were recognized by the stranger, waking you expect tender feelings and pleasant life circumstances.

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