How to interpret dream a condom

Latex is a product of protection, like a condom, has several meanings that occur to interpreters. It alerts the dreamer that should be more carefully to choose the expression to be attentive to Affairs, relationships, work. It is possible that some proportion of high self-esteem prevents to carry out his plan, and does not realistically assess the progress of Affairs and feelings.

dream interpretation a condom

Interpretation of dreams condoms

To buy condoms – to the emergence of a new human life. He will be able to take care of certain problems and help the dreamer to see life in different colors.

To put a condom on – to a successful realization. However, the development of the project depends entirely on the vigilance and judgment of the dreamer.

Donated a condom dream interpretation interpret as a positive symbol. This means that a higher power will help in your endeavors, so the machinations of the envious and ill-wishers can not be afraid.

A condom is used, according to the dream book, dream mean that someone the dreamer is in real life. Perhaps this unscrupulous boss, forever seeking the support of a friend or a dishonest young man. It is important to analyze the actions of loved ones and colleagues to understand what you are talking about and what you need to do.

A large condom is an indication that in reality some things are not going as smoothly as we would like. You need to be a little more attentive than usual.

Erotic dream book

Such a subject of protection there are two hidden meaning. The first is directly related to the intimate life of the dreamer. May the girl (woman) this dream suggests that she is too focused on their problems in his personal life.

If no steady partner or recently suffered a break with a loved one, you need to urgently go to an interesting exercise. Love only comes to those who look at the world with joy.

For men dream means that he is tired of wearing a mask to impersonate another person, to hide the truth about yourself. Maybe it’s time to open your true desires in front of mistress (lover)?

The second meaning of the dream, where the condom is life’s obstacles that violate the planned course of Affairs, and the disappointment of dashed hopes. It’s been, you can let go. For a long time to focus on these issues is not necessary.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Used condom with sperm, warns that worry about the failures in the sexual life is not necessary. Yet a worthy partner? Help sports. They will release tension and will improve physical shape, and with it your confidence and attractiveness.

To carry condoms – the constant readiness to face life’s hit or catch.

Torn to problems with finances, the possible «hole» in the family budget, for embezzlement.

To use a condom in a dream – in reality ought to humble the pride and become closer to other people.

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