What a dream situation

It happens that the dreamer sees the location of something in relation to itself or to other objects and people. To explain what a dream position, you need to consider all the details, to remember where you were and other people. If you were upstairs, and everything else about you down, then you will soon receive a promotion at work. If you find yourself ahead, you will be able to overcome all the problems and avoid trouble. The position of the above – are you preparing to get a new position; in depth – you addictive going on, holding you down; far – have to achieve the goal; the back – you want to cheat; on the edge of your instability will lead to quarrels; on the contrary, you will have to prove his innocence; in the side – love relationship; down – portends a lot of problems; in the centre, in the middle – look for like-minded people there. In the dream, the sleeping position may also mean a psychological condition. If you are below or to the side, you are concerned about the opinions of others.

What a dream position, dream interpretation

What a dream position, dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Filomena

From what position you took in the dream, will depend on your status in reality. Remember who was next, maybe it will help you understand which side you can expect help.

Idiomatic dream book

If there are important people, you are lucky to receive support and assistance from patrons. In the dream position «on something» can mean to a leadership position. Note that the higher you were in the dream, the better things go in your career.

A modern dream book

The position from the bottom, in the depths of something- you depressing what is happening, pushing you, you need to get rid of problems, but you don’t know how to do it. To be upstairs and look down – the hypocrisy, the rise above family, friends and colleagues, high self-esteem.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

If your position gives you a feeling of comfort, then you are on the right track and what you want will happen. To be to lose someone or something. Viewed from the side – unwillingness to participate in common Affairs. Rise up – will soon receive a proposal that will change the entire life and make you a very important person. Any position, which the sleeper sees in a dream, describes its position among others. The lower you are, the sadder is your situation. To be down means to feel the contempt of colleagues. To be in a dream far away – to leave, to lose. Perhaps you will be able to influence a loved one, he will leave you.

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