Had a comb, dream interpretation

Even the simplest of everyday and familiar object in a dream is of particular importance. Comb, you dreamed, not just a thing is a symbol with many meanings. What dreams comb? Take a look at popular dream books.

What dreams comb

What dreams comb

Oriental dream book

You see a comb with frequent teeth – your actions can give ground for gossip and gossip.

Buying a new comb may indicate the emergence in your life a new fan.

Broken, stripped teeth comb in a dream warns of impending problems and diseases.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Comb itself in the dream – failures in business.

Russian folk comb dream interpretation interpret as a symbol of your self-esteem, attitude to their beauty. Remaining comb hair warn of future problems and failures in business. You can see how your comb combing hair of another person – your new friend will be you or a close friend or a serious enemy.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of a comb to quarrels, disputes, small trouble.

To buy a new one – to the future changes.

The comb from the tree in the dream – to the successful end of a long case.

Lots of small ridges in the hair is a bad sign, a warning of big trouble.

For unmarried girls to comb your hair in your sleep, to a speedy and successful marriage. Female to financial losses, waste. Man – failures in family life.

Chinese dream interpretation

To dream of a comb from a stranger – you will have a new girlfriend or wife.

To dream of a comb with help from the patronage of influential persons.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If you dream you yourself brushing your hair, you are ready to make serious changes in your life.

Comb somebody in the fate of your loved ones coming changes.

In the dream your hair someone combs – soon you will be drawn into a whirlpool of exciting events.

See someone someone combing comb – sleep doesn’t matter.

Buy a new comb – to change.

You accidentally break a comb in your life there close friend.

A modern dream book

Comb in a dream – to the easy, non-committal flirting.

To see many hairs on the comb – a series of small troubles.

Comb with broken teeth – happy chores.

Do you see yourself combing hair for quick an unpleasant conversation with her husband.

Dream signs

Had a scallop – the symbol of future love, weddings.

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