What a dream that found the gold coins?

Coins in dreams can be deciphered as symbols of poverty or wealth, and sometimes interpreted as symbols of happiness, sorrow, mystery and good luck – it all depends on how this valuable coin, she is one or not, whole or has defects.

Dream interpretation coins

What does a dream in which found the gold coins

Gypsy dream book

At the Gypsy dream book, coins, a real sign of profit and happiness, a false shame. Gold coin – a small loss, the silver – moderation, coin of copper – happiness.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Coins is a sign of stubbornness and disobedience, when man sees that he minted money, so he wants to achieve something, to get beyond him.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

A dream where there are new coin – to wealth and happiness, the gold and silver content, copper – fortunately. Coins small – small things or worries. Ancient coins represent the mind and wisdom in actions. For a woman to see the coins in the dream – the appearance of a fan that will meet your expectations.

Home dream interpretation

Shiny coins – a small fortune, the old – to find. Gold coins for prosperity, silver – to controversies, copper and hard work.

The Jewish dream book

Jewish dream interpretation coins he saw in his sleep on Monday, describes how the signs of the return of debts or performance of the contract. If the coins had on Saturday or Sunday to wait for the rest, other days – making money. These reading are suitable for simple coins, and what have gold coins, you need to learn separately.

For men gold coins is a warning, not to take hasty decisions, it is better to consult with experts before making a decision. For women gold coins, dream on Monday, – a vain hope, other days good luck and health.

Oriental dream book

Oriental dreams gold coins regarded as a possible deception by a loved one. Silver coins – good luck, and the more shining silver than can see clearly the profiles, numbers and letters, the more favorable will be the fate. Copper coins – hard work, and scattered – to tears.

In the dream of finding coins is a sign of an unexpected financial gain. If the coins had to collect from the ground, so they do not get it just have to work hard to earn an income, or worry quarrel, dividing the profit with the relatives or colleagues. Find coins made of gold, to gossip and envy in addition to success.

The Dream Miller

Coins is a hassle that will be successfully solved. Copper coins means that money will be spent wisely, and gold – will be spent on entertainment. The larger coin – prospects, foreign travel, ancient secrets.

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