What dreams coffin

Hardly anyone wants to see in a dream a coffin. But what means this dream? That’s what it say different dreams.

What dreams coffin

What dreams coffin

Old Russian dream book

In the dream the coffin is treated as a change of the state of Affairs in reality.

If a sick person saw himself sleeping in a coffin, it can predict impending death. Healthy person this dream can dream to have any obstacles to achieving goals situations.

Small dream book of Veles

To dream of a coffin – so in reality to achieve success in business, making a good profit and joy. People at a young age, the dream promises a wedding, and the old – the funeral and obstacles.

What dream of an empty coffin – to a long and filled with great happiness the path of life.

When the coffin is opened in a dream could indicate impending proximity to the departure from this world.

Stay in the coffin for healthy people is in reality the fun. A sick person with a dream can predict the imminent end or various obstacles.

When in the dream you beheld the coffin with the deceased, so in reality expect changes in weather conditions.

When you saw lying in the coffin friend will soon hear of him as a successful person.

A modern dream book

What dream coffins – to a long and happy life, success in financial ventures.

Contemplation of the grave in a dream or in reality production could mark an ambulance for the wedding ceremony or cash.

He saw the coffin open and empty – to prepare for possible dangers on the way.

The coffin sailed in the dream on a water smooth surface – wait for untold riches.

When in a dream a coffin appears from a grave – it can mean great happiness in life.

If you were in a dream in a coffin, and then stood up with him, you will in reality appear a lot of strength and confidence in yourself to start and finish the planned business.

Had a tomb foretells good luck in everything and patronage the right person.

Not young people see in a dream a coffin on the eve of his death.

Family people this dream promises profit. And an elderly couple this dream can see a sign that the couple will die in one day.

To witness in the dream his own coffin – means that in reality you will have to wait for failures when opening new cases.

The Dream Miller

In the dream the coffin means of bereavement and untimely exit from this world close relative.

When you beheld the coffin, surrounded by flowers and standing in the Church premises, means the marriage will fail. Such dream foretells to the farmer disease of livestock and no crop.

Entrepreneurs who dreamed such a dream, in reality you will face failure. People of young age, seeing in a dream a coffin, unable to join in happy family Union.

Moving in the dream coffin foretells sickness and bad the family unit.

Being in the coffin or inside it predicts a serious illness and remorse in his own actions.

Women’s dream book

To dream of a coffin, hearse or funeral cart – to the sad events. This may mean that you’ll leave early in the life of a friend or relative who is seriously ill.

Contemplation of the empty tomb – the feeling of inner emptiness and heaviness in my soul.

When you looked at the coffin in the Church walls which covered with flowers, – the upcoming wedding may not be very successful.

Saw myself in a coffin – possible disease, strife, remorse for bad actions.

When in a dream you saw a funeral procession, and the coffin was your name, then in reality you need to change existing habits and think about my entire life.

Participated in a dream in a funeral procession in person? In reality, you have to do the ugly deed, which will produce your loved one adverse effect.

When in the dream you kill the coffin lid nails that in reality you have to do everything within your power just to cope with their weak and vicious qualities.

Dream Meridian

When you saw a living person in a coffin, to interpret a dream be based on what you have seen. Saw myself, it really is time when you need to change unhealthy lifestyle for the better and get rid of old habits that harm your health.

If you saw a living person, you are lucky to live a long life, and even to wait for great-grandchildren.

Noticed in the coffin of his friend – so, in reality, your friend will not know no needs and can even support you.

The learned man, who was in the coffin? In reality is faster to solve between you problematic issues, rather than trying to avoid them.

Also the person in the coffin can become a symbol that you should pay attention to the people with whom you communicate. Maybe you have friends are people who you are not friends, and should stop a relationship with them.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Seen open coffin with the deceased there are promises of a successful final business.

The tomb was empty dreams to the dangers and anxiety.

Saw myself in a coffin – you will be a success and family happiness.

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