Drinking: what does a dream about it

Alcohol, soft drinks and milk shakes are associated with cool, quenching greedy, always original taste and aroma. In addition, these multicast drinks are attributes of rest, relaxation, and joy for both adults and children. Such positive associations arise from this drink in my life, so interpreted the image of a cocktail in a dream?

dream interpretation cocktail

Dream interpretation: what dreams cocktail?

Family dream book

According to the book of dreams cocktail dream is a symbol of deception, dishonesty. If you personally drink the drink in a night vision, which means that you will mislead others regarding your capabilities or abilities. Dreams with this story warns that you will be in a society not too decent people.

If in the dream woman sees herself drinking a cocktail, this vision portends her dissolute life, behavior, contradicting the moral principles and generally accepted norms of behavior.

Dream interpretation for lovers

Data from this source do not contradict the previous. If a woman dream that she drinks a drink, it promises her a dissolute life, promiscuity and frivolity in intimate relationships. If such a dream became a man, it promises to him to be frivolous society, rejecting the truly sincere and loving person.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

According to this dream book, drink a cocktail in a dream predicts that soon your family will be very surprised by your actions, is not peculiar to you.

If you dream that you prepare this drink made from different ingredients, so in real life you have to perform multiple Affairs.

Drink large quantities of it in a dream – a harbinger of what soon you will be deceived.

If night vision you consume alcoholic cocktail, this dream warns that soon you will encounter complicated cases and complex issues that require your arbitrary decisions. According to this dream milkshake or other non-alcoholic beverage that you are drinking in the dream is a warning that you should be wary of new friends who aspire to friendship.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This source somewhat differently interprets the meaning of cocktail in her sleep. According to him, drink in a dream means that you will regret the changes which happened, sad about the old days. If you dream you are independently prepared cocktails, wait for the news or any misunderstandings in the local environment.

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