Cockroaches in my sleep. The interpretation on several dream books

Cockroaches are eternal associates of the neighbors and unwanted people to get rid of them sometimes very difficult. Sleep with cockroaches can be interpreted extremely diverse, depending on colors, number and actions of pesky insects.

What have cockroaches

What have cockroaches

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of cockroaches – guests; red – up to empty promises; stirring moustache – matchmaking; in large quantities – up to scruples because of the dishonestly obtained money.

Russian dream book

Dreamt of cockroaches symbolize the obsession, unscrupulous and problems; white signifies deceit, falsehood or forgery; flying promise to fight against a competitor; the many – a harbinger of future conflicts and problems.

Ukrainian dream book

Sleep with cockroaches to the wealthy guests and fun or about anxieties and household cares.

Seasonal dream interpretation

Roaches in a dream – to small, family conflicts, bad news.

Esoteric dream book

Simple cockroaches dream to acquisitions, buying new things; a lot – to a steady income; lot – you should get rid of the junk in the house; the mutant insects warn of elevated radiation background in your home or presence of the items with negative energy.

Oriental dream book

Had cockroaches – you will soon receive money from an unexpected source. The more insects he saw, the future promises better sleep.

Family dream book

One cockroach in my sleep – health; red-haired and with a mustache – money, black – career growth; many – to visit or make money.

Cockroaches crawling on your feet – be careful when entering the street, surrounded and attacked the bosses of sachet you petty quibbling.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

One cockroach is seen in a dream – to joy, happiness; a few see you win; food – envy.

Dream Meridian

What have cockroaches: loose – to the well-being, a good change of housing, visit the wealthy guests; too much signal that you are spreading gossip.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Dreamed cockroach – in reality expect surprises, profits, news; a dead – reliable enterprise will fail; huge – you will struggle for well-being; many insects – to the well-being and happiness; poisoned they will have to withdraw from the plan, otherwise things will turn out with disappointments and setbacks.

Had a big black cockroaches – will become a victim of the intrigues of influential persons; killing a cockroach – wait for the good news; caught – will fight for peace and harmony in the house; it fell on you in the dream was wish – fulfilment; caught an insect on the table to cash remuneration for work.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Had cockroaches dream interpretation interpret as a waste of time and effort; swarms of insects – a sign of vain fears of loss of property; destruction of cockroaches – a symbol of danger and desire to get rid of the fear of material losses.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Cockroach dreaming promises pleasant surprises; to crush it – to the lost happy chances.

To see the cockroaches – up to unattainable wealth.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Had a cockroach – you will find happiness, but what he saw swarms of insects mark the unfortunate trouble through gossip about you.

Dream interpretation-horoscope

Saw cockroaches in the dream – wait for cash receipts; black – ahead of sickness and adversity; red – you will receive money and a good purchase.

A modern dream book

Roach warns about the conflict your fault and unreliability of the environment, there is no help.

What have cockroaches, white – you try to cheat; red – to disputes and conflicts or rapid enrichment; large cat to the emergence of a wealthy and influential patron; giant black flying – to the confrontation with the strong and powerful enemy; the dead – you will become a victim of gossip and can fall out over this with the special people; many – to home chores, or career growth and salary increase.

Saw an insect on yourself – you get into an awkward situation, he crushed it at the same time – miss the lucky chance; killed a cockroach in the dream – you are waiting for an unforgettable fun people, prosperity and stability, or the treacherous behavior of the fan to women; watched cockroaches run to the vain effort to improve the financial situation, everything will remain as before.

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