Dream interpretation: dream coat

Seen coat can foreshadow the events that are associated with the image of the sleeping or his inner feelings. Different dreams about the coat in their own way interpret this dream, a more accurate interpretation can be obtained, paying attention to what color it was and what role in a dream was playing.

What dreams coat dream interpretation

What dreams coat dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

For women to dream coats may be a harbinger of inner turmoil and suffering. New beautiful clothes – a sign that up ahead are some great events and joy. But to wear someone else’s coat – of losing all their possessions. Also not good if you had a ragged coat that failures to expect in the near future.

Children’s dream book

      Dreams associated with outerwear, talking about the mental restlessness, confusion, finding the way out of a difficult situation. Need to find someone who will listen and help.

      Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

      A dream in which you see coats, warns that there will be trouble through the fault of another person. This is the basic interpretation of the dream. Coat is new – expect trouble from a stranger, less trust in others.

      • Wearing somebody else coat suffering from the mistakes of others;
      • New – luck;
      • Ragged – mountain;
      • To lose is to repent.

      Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

      • Coat larger – afraid;
      • A stranger in your coat – new love affair;
      • To lose the hassle;
      • To put someone life’s difficulties.

      Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

      In life comes a difficult period, if you have seen someone else’s coat or someone dressed in your. Good and new outerwear up to great happiness and peace.

      Dream Interpretation Filomena

      This dream book interprets more dreams related to coat. To interpret the dream and realize that it portends, you need to pay attention to all the details.

      Color coat

      • White – minded, buy a coat this color – your initiatives will support close;
      • Red – there is a risk of becoming a victim of hypocrisy, please note the inner circle;
      • Black – your good deeds towards others will be appreciated;
      • Green – all difficulties will be solved thanks to your perseverance.

      What were you doing with a coat in a dream?

      • Lost – misplaced priorities lead to loss of money;
      • Gave, wait for the stranger who plays an important role in your life;
      • Stole from you – gossip and scheming relatives.

      Women’s coat in the dream says that you don’t have enough emotion, but soon will come the love.

      Dream Interpretation Freud

      Freud believed that a coat (outerwear) in the dreams says about sexual experiences, lack of confidence or warns of the dangers that can happen with partners.

      • Dream about new coat – a change of sexual partner;
      • Dirty – diseases of the sexual sphere;
      • Torn buttons – the desire to have multiple partners;
      • Losing the coat to the breakdown of relationships.

      Also from a dream in which you saw the coat can be judged about the upcoming weather. The worse the clothes, nenastnaya weather.

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