To dream coat, dream interpretation

Downers coat is a symbol of hidden emotions or financial situation. Wearing a fur coat in a dream, sleeping as if hiding their true feelings and not showing them to others. Rich, beautiful coat belongs to the one who sees the dream may portend a speedy making big profits.

What dreams fur coat dream interpretation

What dreams fur coat dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

If you dream that you are cold, and in the Windows of the store I see a fur coat, you are surrounded by trouble. You suffer and can not find the way out of the situation. The appearance of a man who wears a fur coat turned fur on the inside, in the dream means the approach of the traitor. Dream up a new coat – change for the better is possible.

  • Naked in a fur coat – to the disease;
  • Coat tear dogs to squabbles, quarrels, resentment;
  • The coat is the wrong size you overestimate your ability;
  • Great coat for the little man – next is the man who takes.

From what animal was the coat?

  • Mink – the prosperity of the business, lightweight, full life, well-being;
  • Fox – the profit is earned through intelligence and cunning the sleeping potential winnings or inheritance.

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud

To wear a fur coat, in the opinion of the interpreter, to hide from problems, to hide from others. To buy a fur coat – feel uncomfortable with the sexual partner. Fur coat in a dream also tells about the variety of complexes that hinder you in your personal life.

Esoteric dream book

  • A rich fur coat – you kichites their financial situation, causing the envy of others;
  • Shabby, ragged coat – the financial equilibrium is very precarious.

Family dream book

  • To receive a gift – to experience financial difficulties and poverty;
  • To buy for someone — an unexpected profit.
  • Fur flaking – will begin in the house disorders, strife, trouble;
  • Hide – are you a lonely man.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

In the dream, the mink fur coat, very rich and beautiful says that you will succeed. And a small fur jacket, which is dream sleep, is evidence of the inordinate ambitions and inflated self-worth.

What happened to the coat?

  • Stole your money will go in an unknown direction, useless expenses, improper investment;
  • Lost belongs to you uncomfortable for the time of year, it makes sense to think about moving to another city or country.

To understand what dream coat, we have to consider all the details. If the coat is torn, your financial situation finally stabiliziruemost. Long coat heralds with gifts and respect from relatives and friends. If a girl dreams of a rich fur coat, which really suits her and trying it, you can expect to see in the life of a rich husband.

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