What prevents the appearance of a clown in a dream?

Clowns are meant to entertain people and create a good mood. However, many people fear them, this is one of the most common phobias. That could mean the clowns in the dream?

clowns in your sleep

Which means the appearance of a clown in a dream?

Oriental dream book

The appearance of a clown says that someone is trying to engage you in a dubious enterprise, portends great loss and trouble.

Evil clown – don’t trust blindly to all my friends, one of them has evil plans.

Sad clown in a dream – someone from friends or family doubting you.

Children’s dream book

To see a clown in a dream – to happy holidays, a good time.

Imperial Tolmach

Clown, good vibe, very soon you will get rid of complexes and fears that prevent you to grow and move forward. You will succeed, you only need a little bit of effort.

The clown that is causing the anger, you are afraid to seem ridiculous. You may have to deal with the case, which does not bring happiness.

To be a clown and get pleasure from it – you feel free and strong man.

To be a clown and be ashamed of it – you have hidden mental problems that require immediate solutions with the help of a specialist.

Family dream book

The clowns in the dream, perekashivayutsya you, long and hard work. However, don’t be afraid, it will bring success and big profits.

To appear in the role of clown to big trouble.

To wear a clown outfit – around you weaved feminine intrigue.

The modern interpreter

Clown heralds a rash of frivolous communication.

Evil clown – a meeting with an evil man.

Sad clown – you are not always taken seriously, it can lead to the fact that the desired relationship will not develop.

You are in the role of a clown – someone is trying to humiliate you, and that he will soon succeed.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Grimacing clown – you aspire to get pleasure that does not correspond to moral norms.

Killed the clown – you need to stop trying to grasp at the illusion and start living in reality.

The clown who plays with trained animals, the swift disappointment.

The lone clown is misunderstanding.

Crying clown – you are ashamed, do not know how to be natural.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

The clown says that you are trying to hide from others their fears.

Someone hits the clown – are you unhappy with yourself, but nothing can do about it.

The clown is crying, but laughing – the inability to behave in society.

The clown in the one – the inability to convey to others their thoughts and feelings.

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