What a dream to close the door: dream interpretation

Often these dreams predict a betrayal or treason in the family, professional issues. What else could Herald the emergence of a door in a dream?

To close the door in the dream, dream interpretation

To close the door in the dream, dream interpretation

Symbolic dream interpretation

A locked door could symbolize your attitude to the profession. Most of all, it refers to the intellectual or promotional work. Make sure that nobody could steal your work if the door is closed and even strengthened something.

If you dream that you yourself have closed the door – it could be a warning sign of theft or robbery.

Women’s dream book

According to the dream book, closes the door woman she will soon marry.

If the girl closes the door, she will meet wealthy man. With him she will be happy in family life.

In your life was that and not want to remember? These memories cause negative emotions and prevents you to live? Can dream a dream in which you close the door. He will confirm your desire to expunge from the life of the past.

The desire to recover that which oppresses and disturbs you, to put it in sleep, where you close the door from the outside. Find the strength to overcome their fears.

Home dream interpretation

This dream book says that to close the doors in a dream – to make a decision.

Esoteric dream book

You are going to close the door, but she breaks off and falls directly on you – so you and your closest friends should be something to fear.

You can’t get inside because the doors are closed – make sure not to make any rash actions. Disable unnecessary meetings.

To close the door in your sleep for the coming troubles and disappointments.

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

Force your enemies far exceed your capabilities. Danger is waiting for you. Gather your strength, you need great courage to be able to get out of a difficult situation. This prevents the sleep in which you close the door.

Generally sleep dreaming about the door to existing possibilities to perform your inner world.

Open the door – you can safely to start their own business. If had closed the door, do not rush it. You just need to wait for the right moment.

Had a dream that the door you forgot to close? Be extremely careful and cautious. May suffer losses, lose money. Will happen is entirely your fault.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

If you had a dream in which you close the door – then you just need to talk. Do not keep something pent up.

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