Dream coat dream interpretation

In our dreams there are no casual details. Every thing has its time, symbolic significance. The cloak you saw in the dream, not just a garment – it can refer to your need for care and secrecy present in your life, and success in the important task. Consider the interpretation of dreams cloak dream books:

What dream cloak in the dream?

What dream cloak in the dream?

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

According to the alphabet of dreams, the cloak worn by you, implies the need for protection from any negative external influences. If you see another person dressed in a cloak, he may have from you any secrets.

Small dream book of Veles

According to the dream book, Cape, seen by you in a dream, can mean a quick inheritance. Put it on yourself to a bargain; a new coat symbolizes wealth, worn – trouble. If you cloak tight, uncomfortable – perhaps you will fail in business.

Esoteric dream book

If you have seen the coat everyday outfit, then such a dream promises problems and troubles. To dream of a bright, unusual styles or coloring of the coat obstacles to success exist only in your imagination. Put on – you assume other people’s responsibilities.

Choose and buy new – you are too suspicious of your lack of confidence creates additional difficulties. Monastic coat, especially dark colors, means that your plans will be broken unpleasant news.

Children’s dream book

Seen in a dream cloak warns you that soon you will fulfill the role of «vests» in which someone wants to cry. You expect the unexpected revelation, get ready to hear a sob story from someone of their relatives or friends.

A modern dream book

To dream of coat broken, jagged – your worries are not in vain, beware.

You buy a new coat for the money – don’t be flippant, good luck will always accompany you.

If you dream that your favorite cloak someone kidnapped, be prepared for unpleasant surprises from loved ones, perhaps some of them will disappoint you.

You dream that you mistakenly put someone else’s – get ready for changes in social status, perhaps, you will find a career or your marital status changes.

See yourself wrapped in a Royal robe – you are on the right track, do not let yourself to knock it empty doubt.

Gypsy dream book

If you dream you come in a cloak and cover his face with a hood, chances are you feel shame for his recent actions and trying to hide them from others.

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