Housekeeping in a dream

Conducting the cleaning in the house, we do it cleaner. And that means when you saw the maid in her sleep? Is the answer different interpreters.

What dreams cleaning

What dreams cleaning

A modern dream book

When a woman had a dream she holds in the house cleaning, she always will be loved by her husband, and her children will be glad to be in the house.

When you saw in the dream the dirty floor, but any reasons prevented him to wash or sweep, is actually you will be something very disappointed and, possibly, to you trouble.

The Dream Miller

To dream of cleaning or sweeping the floor is interpreted as an improvement in the attitude of a husband for his wife. The dream also involves obedience and the fun of your children.

When in the dream you had to witness the not very clean floor, but sweep or wash it you are not able to for various reasons, in fact, will encounter trouble or disappointment in anything.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To the deterioration of family relationships – that’s what dreaming wet cleaning.

Esoteric dream book

Free yourself from difficult situations in life or avoid troubles in all things – that’s what you dream of cleaning the house.

When in the dream you cleaned the house without gloves, so actually will save yourself from a society of boring people.

When the cleaning was carried out using a rag and a broom, wait for salvation from any inconvenience.

Dream Interpretation Longo

If in the dream you personally did the cleaning, so, in reality, you have a lot of problems that you think with alarm. You are thinking about how to cope with the arisen difficulties. No matter how difficult was not the problem, they should not procrastinate – need to be addressed. However, to deal with all problematic situations immediately is not necessary, because you simply may not have enough forces.

You cleaned the house, and with pleasure behold the fruits of your labor – in reality, there was a lull that will allow you to surrender to the beloved and to spend a lot of time for family. Just don’t get too much rest, because the period of calm could change quickly time hassle.

If in the dream you drew helpers to cleaning, in reality you will look for strong and reliable partners, with which you can quickly implement your ideas.

When you only contemplated the process of cleaning in the house, in reality you will use the results of the labor of others without feeling remorse. But it is not to exploit others, because then you will be able to pass a good benefit.

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