To dream of clay

Clay in the dream directly or indirectly indicate a problem with the money. Sometimes it indicates the trouble that arose in connection with complication of relations between relatives and friends. Circumstances do not add up in favor of the dreamer, so it appears more and more enemies and other people who complicate his life.

Clay in the dream

Clay in the dream

Women’s dream book

A large number of clay foreshadows continued financial hardship. Had to dig a hole in the clay Bank – hurriedly get ready to attack the offenders. They are already building against you intrigues. Saw the clay by digging depressions in the soil, know that your new plans will bring many problems and complications on the way to their implementation. For women to dream of clay – an unfavorable sign. This is a warning from incorrect or too hasty action in the relationship with the chosen one.

Oriental dream book

The main treatments:

  1. Clay in its pure form reduction Finance in the budget, strong cash losses.
  2. Dig a hole on the Bank of the river, covered with clay, because of the enemies you will have to make concessions that were not previously planned.
  3. When digging the pits unexpectedly stumbled upon a layer of clay – what are your plans might be weakened due to occurrence of new circumstances, anticipate which was very difficult.

The newest dream book

Often clay is the harbinger of diseases:

  1. This material in any color is a possible symptom of the disease of the joints and tissues in the spine.
  2. Blue, blue or green clay is the deterioration of the Affairs on the personal front.
  3. Red clay associated with the skin, is a harbinger of diseases of the skin and adjacent tissues. It can also indicate diseases of the blood and lymph.

Family dream book

The configuration of the clay in the dream:

  1. Clay closeup – quick serious disease. You need to monitor their health.
  2. Clay in the hands of somebody close to you people leave this world.
  3. To get dirty in the clay – there is a risk to get in trouble. The scale of the accident so large, how large area of the body is the substance shut down the dreamer.
  4. The walls of the house suddenly become clay in the family to avoid scandal.

Clay is rarely a harbinger of auspicious events. Often this stuff is a sign of trouble, of quarrels, of difficult circumstances. To get out of these problems the winner must be smart and work hard. Then the trouble will be defeated, accidents prevented and the problems eliminated.

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