The class in my sleep

School or training room symbolizes the relationship sleeping with the boss. If the class a lot of people, so whoever sees such a dream, can feel the negativity of others.

To dream class

To dream class

Smart dream interpretation

Dream about class heralds a reprimand from his superiors, dissatisfaction.

Pocket dream interpretation

If the action in the dream takes place in the classroom, you should pay more attention to their own actions. Try to look at your behavior towards relatives or colleagues. Perhaps you are doing something wrong, so you don’t like. If you had a class in which you once learned – there are big problems with management.

Dream Interpretation Of Avdeevoj

  • To be in the classroom – reprimand;
  • Repairing – meeting with in love with you;
  • The teacher in the classroom, meeting with old friends;
  • Noisy in the class – there will be trouble.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Lick in the class to unflattering assessment of the work performed. Eliminate any conflicts with the authorities, show more patience and understanding.

The dream dictionary from A to z

  • To see themselves in the class – a reprimand from the head;
  • Clean, repair, – meeting with a former lover;
  • Chalkboard – unpleasant news;
  • The teacher in the class – old friends;
  • To answer in the class – to bad mood;
  • Listening lesson – part time job, additional income.

Summer dream

To see the class in my dream is to continue studying or to enter the course. If the class is noisy, you unflattering comments about work colleagues. Spacious class – a large amount of work. Empty class is what you are doing, will not bring to you moral and financial satisfaction.

Dream Interpretation Vasiliev

If the sleeper is having a class in which he had ever learned, he’ll remind myself old friends, we can meet or conduct. Remember how he was, it would help to understand what a dream class.

  • Bright – new beginnings;
  • Close – gossip, strife, trouble;
  • A lot of people, you appreciate the surrounding;
  • The children in the class – will meet an old friend;
  • The teacher in the classroom – a reprimand from his superiors, a lack of understanding.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Different dream, where the sleeper enters or is in a class could mean that he feels uncomfortable in the team. He is afraid of negative evaluations, convictions and gossip. If the class was a teacher or another person who asks you, be prepared to receive the disapproval of your actions from the head. The class is full, you can be fired for failure to perform your duties. Empty class – you do not have like-minded people.

Dictionary of dreams

Feel lonely in the class – you will not support, do not look for help among colleagues. If the class has a lot of light, there will be a new project or initiative that will bring success.

  • The fire in the class – fines, punishment;
  • Leaving the classroom – change the scope of activities;
  • Go to class – in your career there will be changes;
  • Sitting behind a Desk – you can not sit idly by, need to take the initiative;
  • Meet the Board – listen to the displeasure of the authorities;
  • There is no exit from class – to big trouble;
  • Dark in class, ask for help to influential people.
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