What does a dream in which you see the city: the dream

If you had a city, it is necessary to approach the analysis of this character complex to remember what sounds or colors were present (often they carry a semantic load). If he is in the light is a sign of change to a happy personal life. Abandoned, empty, to some frustration, and possibly until the completion of a particular life stage. Every dream about interprets as a city seen in dreams.

What dream city

What dream city

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

For people living in rural areas, the city – a sign of an imminent move. Maybe he’ll change residence, go on a temporary job or enroll in school and move into the Dorm.

What a dream the city in the lights? To ensure that negative developments of recent times have come to an end, there comes a time of positive change.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

If you had geographically familiar object, it is a sign of longing for the past – childhood, parents, friends, with whom the dreamer long time no see. Perhaps it’s time to visit loved ones?

And the answer to the question, what dreams of another city, to be found in real world situations that are bothering a person. If he towers promises the successful completion of only pending cases. Empty, deserted – the search itself, opening new horizons introspection. Destroyed – the symbol of the future trouble. But they are not eternal.

Women’s dream book

Perhaps in the near future will have to pack their bags and explore new living space – that’s what dreams strange city (despite the negative connotation of the reasons that will contribute to that).

To build him to participate in the joyful event. To see a lot of towers, tall buildings will offer unexpected interesting projects.

Small dream book of Veles

To see a populous city – good. To go into it – a good turn of Affairs. The burning, ruined town – to trouble related to health, financial stability.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

The city is the embodiment of dreams in the world of the hidden self. What is the city, and the dreamer sees himself in real life. Empty and alone in misunderstanding with others. A lot of people and good friends in trouble will not leave, will always support and come to help.

Erotic dream book

What dream of moving to another town is to completion of some communication. Current lover is tired, old passions there, so you can safely go and mentally prepare to make new acquaintances. They are constantly not have to count, but there will be the highlight.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

The farther away from the dreamer the city – the more people in reality puts forward requirements (to yourself, colleagues, relatives). To enter the symbol associated luck. Now we must not be afraid to sell yourself. Destroyed – the inner loneliness.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

The city in the analysis of dreams indicates the mental state of the dreamer, his new search for the meaning of life. If is dominated by high design – to the development of the subconscious. Metro, underground structures – to the unconscious. Often a new geographical area is «island» hidden from himself desires.

Beautiful city? In my dreams there is nothing wrong, you have to give yourself the ability to realize them. Destroyed, uninhabited – it’s time to learn to dream constructively!

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