What dream circus in the dream?

The circus is a lot of emotions in children and adults. But that could mean if you dream about the circus?

what dreams circus

What dreams circus

Oriental dream book

Had a dream that you are going to visit the circus – do you miss new emotions and bright impressions. To get backstage of the circus – soon to be disappointed. If you saw circus workers behind the scenes, will soon find out someone’s secret.

Personal dream interpretation

What could this dream circus to watch the circus performance promises a situation that you will not be able. You will need professional help, but to refer to it, will have to overcome her own embarrassment.

If you dream you are in the circus, it shows your high sexual activity and freedom in bed. You often forget to ask the opinions of the partner, and it may worsen your relationship.

Had a dream that you are in the circus during the intermission, – in reality you risk to miss something important, something that can change your destiny.

A modern dream book

In this dream circus is a symbol of relaxation and fun. You have long want to have fun with their friends. In a dream you look at the building of the circus will soon begin ill-considered actions that will lead to significant financial losses.

If you dream you do not like the circus, you’re in some matters to deceive himself. You should not engage in self-deception. To perform in the circus in a dream – to quarrel over nothing with friends.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

To see the circus tent – to financial losses. Watch as artists perform in the circus – will have high costs. Myself in the dream to be a circus artist – your family must be feeling for your loss.

To see in the circus building caught fire, there would be a joyful change.

Dream Interpretation Of Freud.

What dream circus – performance artists on stage symbolizes the sexual relationship between a man and a woman. To see a large, circular arena – the woman in the pair is the dominant partner.

The very act at the circus – your sex life you completely satisfied. If circus is bad, soon you will have problems in the intimate sphere of life.

Universal dream

In this dream circus symbolizes your desire to bring to life your wildest dreams. To work in the circus – you want to escape from everyday bustle and problems. Maybe your life resembles a chaos and you need to understand it, to streamline the current business and to set priorities.

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