To dream of a chain

Chain: a sleeper. Almost all the dream books interpret that circuit in dreams is a symbol of some kind of connection or obligations to other people, due to their position, title, or status. The chain is inextricably linked with someone or something. Naturally, this implies that the interpretation also depends on which is a chain, its material, how it applies to you and how it affects your actions.

What dreams chain dream

What dreams chain dream

Gold chain in a dream

Gold chain can be a sign of wealth, of first marriage with someone you love and value of the relationship. Therefore, it is important to consider just what happened in the dream with such a circuit.

To test the circuit, being married (married)

To break the chain of gold to a person in a marriage – so be a cause of quarrel with a loved one. But the chain can always be saved, therefore, relationships in the family require during this period careful and attentive approach. Impossible becomes a provoker of quarrels, let’s not overreact to the claims, because the consequences can be sad, until the break of marriage in reality.

To wear a beautiful gold chain in a dream, to admire them in the mirror – so soon to know about the new addition to the family. The chain is a burden, but to feel the joy of it, to appreciate the value of decoration – a sign that the person is ready to become a father.

To test the circuit in sleep singles (unmarried)

Gold chain beautiful netting, does not burden the neck and not tagalala person dreams to a happy and speedy marriage, in which the harmony and comfort. If the chain is gold, but heavy and delivers clear discomfort, but others consider it, the life partner you have to be inappropriate, difficult, family life with him would be binding.

Tear or forging chain

If the dream just the way you are trying to get rid of the chain, remove it, break it, you should think about the haste of their conclusions and too active actions in the moment. Perhaps in the future have to regret a hasty decision. It is better to think about what now occupies all of your thoughts, and find another way to overcome problems.

If you personally forged the necklace for yourself, you have to think about the fact that in reality not all features are implemented. And help yourself you can only own hands, happiness is created only through private papers, which now have the strength and time.

To dream of a chain which is forged for you – some kind of warning, then you need to pay more attention to those who are now helping in real life. Perhaps you’re grateful to the wrong person.

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