What dream theater or auditorium

What in the dream to see a movie theater?

dream theater

What is dream theater?

A modern dream book

If you dream you went to the cinema, it speaks about the impending meeting with friends in reality. You have a pleasant and easy conversation. To purchase tickets to the cinema to watch the film symbolizes the pleasure that you are trying to get, but this doesn’t work.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Depending on environment and events in the dream theater may have a different interpretation. As a rule, the image of this institution tells about the delusion of a sleeping person in real life. See yourself watching the movie to meet an unknown man, to start a new business. Also has value and what is shown on the big screen. Perhaps the events in the movie talking about personal experiences, about the necessity of solving the problem or meeting with somebody. If you dream that you shoot a movie, control the entire process and all listen to you, then it suggests that actually you will succeed. You know the situation.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

In this dream interpretation going to the cinema portends a long journey that will bring satisfaction, broaden their horizons. As an option, the road will go to your relatives who suddenly show up at your house. If you dream you clearly see yourself in the cinema hall, in reality, you have to show the unselfishness to loved ones and enemies.

Esoteric dream book

When dream theater, the sleeping man should pay attention to the little things. Most likely, in real life, his plans will be carried out and will be able to get support from friends.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

This dream says that a visit in the cinema auditorium promises the problem to be solved. Much more important to consider the room itself, pay attention to the people around them. Maybe you remember a nice shot of a movie, or someone sitting nearby? What was he wearing and what are you? If on the big screen you see an unusual movie with a mess, where the frames as if someone is moving randomly, it is likely that in reality the same thing happens in your head. We need to stop and put in order your thoughts. Do not forget that sleeping person, whose head is full of problems, can see quite muddled dreams, to understand which something difficult. Perhaps you can draw a parallel between what is happening in the dream and events in my life. Should understand the details before taking important decisions.

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