What does a dream in which you see the Church?

The Church always gives us thoughts about God and eternity life, death, and redemption. What dream Church, when we rest from worldly cares night?

What dream Church

What dream Church

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dream you saw the Church, be ready that your life will be a true love that will last forever and durable.

The newest dream book

To dream of a temple – are you looking for a way to atone for his sin. If you brought in the dream of Church repentance, so in real life you would do an unworthy thing.

Gypsy dream book

If you saw yourself in the Church during the service, talking loudly, you will be guilty of an unworthy act, for which will incur the appropriate penalty.

English dream interpretation

The color of the clothes in which you were in the temple in a dream, is also important. Black clothes for a wedding, white is for funeral.

Assyrian dream book

To visit the Church in a dream – a good sign. Your prayers will be answered, wishes fulfilled. You are waiting for prosperity, health and good news.

Women’s dream book

The Church in the dream is a direct indication that you need to spiritually purify himself and beg forgiveness for their sins. If you dream you saw that you went to the temple, think about yourself. You do not consider the opinions of loved ones, acting only at their discretion. Now is the time to discard your selfishness.

If in the dream the person was on duty, in real life he is worthy of respect and reverence from others. If the Church was closed and the doors boarded up, be prepared for the worst. You will despair, sadness and sorrow. Stand in the dream in the ruined temple and to burn a candle is a good sign. This means that you strive to develop your inner spiritual life.

If the person saw himself in a dream stepped into the dark and unlit Church, in the near future he will be present at the funeral. Such a dream can still talk about the long waiting for a light.

Summer dream

If the person saw himself in a dream in the Church at prayer, it is high time to repent of their sins and the sins of. If you are in the dream he saw the Church, be ready to receive a large inheritance share.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To be at the Church in the dream and present on service – to the joy, prosperity and pleasure. To see the Church – to be in real life a party a wedding or a funeral.

Family dream book

If you dream you saw the Church, which stands far away from you, somewhere on the horizon, you will be disappointed. What you’ve been waiting for will not come true.


If you dream that you build a Church, it is a favorable sign. Your life will be full of happiness and prosperity. To pray in the temple in the dream – will come to you unexpected joy and comfort. If in the dream I entered the temple, it is evidence of your good behavior, compassion for the unfortunate and generous philanthropy. You will be a big reward for it. If you were sitting in the temple or lay wait for a radical change in life. To speak in the Church at a time when service goes wrong. You will become an accessory to the crime and will be punished.

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