What dream chocolate dream

What dreams chocolate dream?

chocolate dream

Had a chocolate? Running to the kitchen!

Star dream interpretation

Chocolate may be a dream as a warning of danger or disease. It symbolizes overindulgence in anything that brings pleasure.

The Jewish dream book

To use chocolate dream, which had from Sunday to Monday is a misunderstood topic in real life. Most likely, your mistake was an accident. If a man saw the chocolate from Tuesday to Friday, it should be assumed that his health will be a little better. Most pleasant to see chocolate in my sleep on Saturday and Sunday. For a sleeping person it will be a sign that in reality he will have to listen to a lot of flattering words and commendable speeches.

Buying chocolate for a sleeping person does not Bode well. Perhaps you are too concerned about their position in society or state of health. Should be given to old debts, if you dream of chocolate at night on Saturday or Sunday. But if chocolate in a dream not to buy, and to receive as a gift, this phenomenon has a different interpretation. So sweet surprise sleeping people can expect in real life. You can also assume that luck will suddenly happen when the dreamer already can’t wait. Worth the wait enjoyable adventure if you dream of chocolate.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

Chocolate may be a dream to losses, especially if it is to give someone a little-known, for example, a passerby. Even competitors in real life can benefit from your labors and trust.

Home dream interpretation

Chocolates can dream in that case, if you need someone to thank for the service. In addition, in this dream donated chocolate speaks to the internal conflict, to break off relations. But if in your dream you deliberately refuse to accept such a gift, it means that in real life you have great desire to attract the attention of others to the person.

English dream interpretation

Chocolate is the result of complex chemical reactions that make masters of the culinary arts to bring people pleasure. For some people, it is a joy and is associated with love, but someone’s allergic. Many people are afraid to eat chocolate, not to gain weight. Therefore, the interpretation of the dream may be different. All depends on the situation: who eats the chocolate, who were separated this sweet product, was it a gift?

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