The child in the dream

Dreams of children are always of particular concern and strong emotions. Perhaps that is why there are so many detailed interpretations of these dreams.

dytyna sleep

The child in the dream, what could it be?

Dream child: how and under what circumstances?

What happens to the child? If you missed dream baby, then soon expect the failure of the plans. The sickness of the baby means the excessive credulity of the subject, and walk with him hand – quick decision most concerned about Affairs in the absence of fear before acceptance, even desperate measures.

Children who begin to walk, portend a shift in stagnant Affairs, and crawling on the bed babe warns of a situation that demands agility. A child who learns to speak, reflects the nature of sleep: most likely, you subconsciously resist growing up.

If you had a dream about the child you threw, is especially to listen carefully to the opinions of others – soon you will be served really need the idea. And abandoned by the baby’s signals about what actions the subject is able to harm others, an urgent need to revise the behavior. If you criticize in a dream of her own child, perhaps you are too worried about him.

The peeing child in a dream means anxiety and guilt in reality. But don’t worry – as a result of the problem situation will result in success. But run away baby represents everything good, the same way rapidly leaving the sleeping in reality.

Looks like a baby? A black kid can dream before in your life people will be able to change it for the better, make happier. Angry baby – a good sign, heralding the imminent bad news.

Strangely enough, a dream books claim the child, soiled with something, the dream to success. Thus, children in the blood are predictive of success in all activities and support of loved ones, and the baby, smeared their own excrement, means a quick profit.

Bald kid dreams of peace and prosperity, hairy, reflects an excessive preoccupation with himself and detachment from the world. Full problem child represents a problem difficult to handle without the help of others.

The health of the child. Some dream books say that children with down syndrome have people who need to demonstrate their talents in front of their friends. Wounded child points to the forgetfulness of the sleeping: you have not fulfilled the promise or forgot an important date.

National horoscopes

The American dream believes the child is a symbol of playfulness, openness and talent to enjoy life, English dreams, on the contrary, gives these dreams a negative tinge: the nursing toddler – a heart of disappointment, a sick child – the risk of death someone from relatives.

Muslim dream interpretation dream calls a friend of a child is a symbol of happiness and fun and the unfamiliar – the precursor of sorrow. In Russian folk dream children symbolize the beginning of life and the inevitable hassle. If you feed your baby in a dream – means that you expect a laborious but successful business, but if you punish him – so, in reality, you have to do things you do not want to subconsciously.

French dream believes the dream child a symbol of good luck, a sign of a successful outcome of disturbing things, joy. But the Ukrainian dream interpretation is not so clear. Chubby baby dreams for good, thin – to trouble. If the newborn dream of a young woman – it’s a good sign if summer is a harbinger of disease and even death.

Deserve attention in the interpretation of the Gypsy dream book. A child who cries bitterly, soon requires the solution of a set not too serious problem. A crawling baby alludes to the fact that sleeping in reality worth it to increase the speed of mental processes.

In Chinese dream interpretation hug from a child, as well as the death of a child, portend a verbal argument, but to see newborn baby – so soon to experience happiness in reality.

Author dream books

Dream interpretation Denise Lynn the dream of the little inner child that lives in every adult. Perhaps his appearance in a dream warns sleeping: will soon make themselves aware of problems since childhood. If a woman starts to dream of children, she probably subconsciously dreaming about the baby, although on a conscious level can not deny it.

Nadezhda and Dmitry Winter in your dream is called children if they cry, harbingers of trouble, and if you gather and play – signals about the imminent appearance in your life distract you from the main task of the problems.

Dream interpretation Lofa David explains the frequent dreams involving children, women have inherent in them the instinct of motherhood, and men – the fear of the responsibility of possible parenthood.

Very detailed dreams interprets the dream book of Miller. If:

  • the child is clean and happy is to love in return, and cordial friendship;
  • a child walks alone is a sign of independence from other people’s unbiased opinions;
  • the baby cries – it to ill-health, disappointment;
  • woman caressing a child – perhaps soon she will be cheating the person has earned her trust.

Dream Meridian

This dream says – a male child, who cheerfully smiles, foretells happy events. If he cries or gets angry – wait for unpleasant surprises.

Psychological dream dictionary

Seen in a dream warns the boy: soon, life will be a time-consuming work that does not benefit. If a young girl sees herself in the dream child is a boy, so in reality it upset the word of others that it is time for her to marry.

A modern dream book

A male child always warns in the dream about the surprise. If such a dream was visited by a pregnant, then birth is very close. And if it’s a dream about the child you fun and enjoy playing, means you will find financial and family well-being. For creative people it is also a sign of inspiration.

Dream housewife

A dream involving a boy – to the financial well-being. Exception – crying baby, such a dream indicates quite the contrary. Handsome cute boy – a sign of universal peace and prosperity. If a child is aggressive and angry – wait for the imminent troubles that might come from «friends.»

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