What have chickens to a woman?

Seemed cute Chicks covered with yellow fluff? And you want to know what having chickens? Then this article is for you.

What have chickens?

What have chickens?

Russian folk dream interpretation

The chicken is a symbol of weakness, a lack of protection. If you had a chicken that got lost, it means that in real life you have a craving to protect those who are weak. Drinking chicken alludes to the fact that it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions and that you will need to carefully evaluate all aspects of the business. To see it in their hands symbolizes the rejection of haste in decision-making.

A modern dream book

A dream in which there is a chicken that involves a lot of work with very little benefit for you.

Erotic dream book

I had to dream of chickens, there were many of them? This prediction of anxiety for his partner. Saw the hatching of chickens – you have a long relationship, but should be patient and not rush.

The dead bird symbolizes loss, and for married persons – problems with the husband and the unexpected pregnancy. There is a chicken – an affair with a younger partner, which will ruin your reputation.

Smart dream interpretation

To see a flock of chickens a day wasted, eating in the dream Chicks – some time there will be difficulties with money.

English dream interpretation

Predicting failures, as well as a breakup with a loved one – this is what dreams hen with chickens.

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

Appeared in the dream of chickens portend a happy family life.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Dreamed a dream Chicks – expect gifts. When I received the gift of chickens or made their purchase and wait for a pleasant surprise. Are traded chickens will present someone a gift. Kill the chicken in the dream refuses to given in life.

The chicken ran away – there will be loss gift. Had the attacker who killed your chickens, you will be presented with a gift, but it is actually not going to give you.

Significaly dream interpretation

Chicken squeak in a dream signifies joy.

Oriental dream book

In this source the image of the chicken represents severe disease.

The newest dream book

Sleep with chickens portend troublesome concerns, and eating – to the diseases of children.

A modern dream book

Chickens messengers troublesome cases, but in solving them you get a reward. If the Chicks have begun to fledge, it means that your initiatives will be crowned with success, but have to strain. Roost with chickens warns you about the evil machinations of your enemies. When eating chickens in a dream, in life, you should reduce selfishness, otherwise it will lead you to disastrous results.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Dream Chicks – expect success, but their feeding will be the monetary difficulties.

Women’s dream book

What have chickens to a woman? Brood them portends trouble, a little older, is that business activity which will benefit, but requires a lot of effort, there are chickens in a dream – your selfishness will not get you anywhere.

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