What dream dead or alive chickens

Chicken has always been associated with housework, mistress of the hearth. But it is also associated with a brawling women, bustle and hassle. You should consider all the details of the dream to find out what dream chickens.

what have the chickens

What have the chickens

Children’s dream book

Homemade bird pecks grains – good. A disturbing cackle – to illness, bad situation.

Women’s dream book

A hen in a dream – to increase household get-togethers, pleasant conversation with family and friends.

Family dream book

To dream of a chicken – wait for bad weather or a lot of Laundry. A bird running around the yard to unexpected visitors and a pleasant hassle. If poultry had a dream in the night of Thursday – be careful with new acquaintances. You can involve in a risky Scam.

Dreams in the night on Sunday – be careful, do not say more, otherwise excessive candor can do for you to turn sideways. On Monday of this dream symbolizes obstacles and failures in businesses started, problems that you can solve alone.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of strong, healthy, beautiful bird – to a large fortune. Your business will develop successfully, in the house there will be comfort and prosperity. To see a bunch of chickens – pleasant chores, the unexpected arrival of a nice hotel. Too many chickens to heavy and exhausting labour.

Feed chickens – discover the gift, will meet with good and kind person. Eating chicken to surprise. The bird laid an egg – to the joyous event. Hen with little chickens – family happiness, harmony in your personal life and marriage. The severed head of the chicken to the news.

You can also see where having chickens and a rooster. Crowing rooster – be careful in the statements. Pinching cock feathers to conflict and trouble. For the chicken being chased by a cock – to discord and quarrels in the family. Cock-a-bully – to quarrel with old friends, lame cock – new pals.

Cockerel with red tail – a harbinger of danger, the fires, the Golden cock to happiness and success, black warns against Dating bad people. Chasing a rooster – will argue with friends. Cock fight – your enemies will quarrel much among themselves. Women dream of a rooster foretells the imminent acquainted with the remarkable person.

Ukrainian dream book

In this detailed dream book, what dream live chickens. Chickens dream to Dating, a flock of chickens – until the arrival of an unexpected but nice guests, bustle, bustle. A woman who dreams of a hen and chickens might soon be widowed. Chickens – up to good luck, adult chickens to poverty. Clucking chickens – slander, gossip. A large number of domestic birds – to the hassle, hustle and bustle. What dream dead chickens to the disease. All raw meat is always portends sickness and the struggle with any illness.

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