What see chicken in my sleep

Chicken in a dream foretells family troubles, visit or profit. Poultry is the symbol of women, mothers, Housewives.

The chicken in my sleep

The chicken in my sleep

Who had the chicken?

Beautiful big bird promises success in love Affairs. Plucked chicken, in accordance with idiomatic dream associated with a slag and a slut. In dreams in the image of white birds can be a bride. In addition, the white chicken – the Herald of good luck or a quick marriage. Grey bird is a dream to troubles with relatives, family conflicts. What dreams about a black chicken? Nigella portends a troubling period of life associated with the need to make sacrifices. Red hen means a woman that is counting on your help. Headless bird in a dream – a warning against ill-considered actions.

One was a chicken in a dream?

Chickens in large numbers having unexpected trouble to the guests. By dream Fedorov chicken portend losses and tears. To dream bird’s egg – so simmering with anticipation, waiting for news. A hen with chickens symbolizes anxiety about the children, predicts a happy event in the family. For harmony in family life and success in love Affairs is dreaming of a chicken cock. If in the dream but the chickens and ducks were present, ready for minor expenses.

Action chicken

What dreams raw chicken? Perhaps that is your self-blame. Try less to criticize, pay attention to health. Ran across the yard bird is a dream to unexpected guests. If the hen sits on the eggs, your expectations are met. Just demolished an egg – to the joyous event. Grain pecking bird promises of money or the fulfillment of desires. Anxious kohtuda chicken can be a harbinger of illness, false accusations.

What a chicken was doing in the dream?

To see chickens in a dream means to spend time with family. If the chicken had a pregnant woman, she has a daughter. When you dream you catch the bird, you need support. Buy hen – a signal that it’s time to replenish household reserves. If you have fed the bird, wait for a gift from a loved one.

What dreams fried chicken? To take a lot of effort hassle unprofitable trading operations. If you dream that you think of chickens, in reality, do not hurry to sum up or conclude. Be careful if you dream you cut the bird: you have a lot of envy. They are hatching evil plans and wait for the right moment to hurt.

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