What does it mean to dream of female Breasts

To dream of Breasts – what is it? The answer lies in the most famous commentators and psychotherapists, and the ancient dream books mention the importance of the female breast.

Sleep breast

What a dream about Breasts?

The Dream Miller

If in the dream your partner eats the eyes of an alien bust, the reality is that you will soon undergo courtship longtime fan.

Female breast dreams most often symbolizes motherhood. But in the dream it can mean near you no friends. Perhaps you are lacking a mother whom you have not seen. Or you recently lost a loved one associated with so many memories. If you’re away from home, you will need to appease their conscience and to go to his family at least for a few days.

Erotic dream book

A harbinger of happiness will be full, beautiful Breasts which you dreamt.

The girl dreams that she is shot in the chest? Maybe she is in danger.

In the dream your Breasts shrunk or dirty? Wait for the appearance of the girls, wishing to break your Union, and disorders on the love front.

A modern dream book

Female breast to see wrinkled or dirty – trouble on the love front, the emergence of a treacherous rival.

Woman are big successes if her dream preserver, healthy, lush Breasts.

In the dream, showed someone’s chest? Your house will soon be a stranger, it could be a robber, the mistress of your husband or a friend of your child.

To dream of the chest of some stranger man means that you will find a few difficult months with many answers to the questions of interrogators. One of your acquaintances will be convicted of theft, but not pitted in a rush, don’t stop with this person in kinship or friendship ties.

Look closely to others: someone is muddying the waters (perhaps the man will appear in the next day several times). Do not let this man break your life and ruin relationships with friends or the authorities, to prevent this. All this can come true if you dreamt about women’s Breasts that was exposed.

Numerological dream interpretation of Pythagoras

Your fan dream casts insatiable looks to your bust? It turns out, in real life, you are ready to start a relationship with him.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Depending on what kind of bust do you see in the dream, it can mean different things in life.

Feed breast milk – to the emergency room for pregnant women if applied to the chest of the little guy, his soon to be children.

Wrinkles on chest – loyalty to the second half.

Elastic – wealth and fun.

Little – whose hatred for you or your someone.

If you are a woman and you dream the naked breast of another woman, soon you will learn about some of his shortcomings.

If dreamt a horrible dream and you saw a severed breast, in life, you will find treachery and betrayal.

If a man dreams that he has a very hairy chest, some consider him a worthy man.

Weak chest – the lack of prosperity in all things.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

She sees women’s Breasts – it needs to be attractive and sexy.

One sees the desire to find his beloved not only the sexual joys, but also maternal care.

Esoteric dream book

To cuddle up to the beloved the breast is to realize that there is a real friend.

English dream interpretation

This dream book on the chest says that it is, in fact, a symbol of fate. It is self-sacrifice, dedication mother, children’s attachment and dependence.

Beautiful Breasts – the execution of what you dreamed.

Strong wide chest for men: good luck in business and creative fields for women: a good marriage.

Hairy chest men – advantageous marriage and wealth.

The wound in her sleep at the breast – changes in love, happiness, creative successes.

Old Russian dream book

Sluggish breast – the collapse of all hope, impotence, or genital disease.

If the chest sees a girl, it means her desire to find a mutual, beautiful, pure love.

If he sees a man, in real life he has sexual fantasies and not very clear desires.

Dream Interpretation Freud

On his chest he says he will soon be a profit if in a dream she was hairy. If it is strong, lush, it forecasts wealth in old age and long life.

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