What does a dream about chess?

What dream chess?

dream interpretation Shahi

Dream interpretation interprets the chess game: black against white?

In psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Chess, as a rule, are in a dream when there is a need to resolve a conflict situation. There is a struggle between two sides: good and evil. To bring the case to the end, you must follow a well-planned strategy. If you lost a game of chess in a dream, it means that your actions and perseverance were crowned with success. You may not have enough knowledge and power to change this situation. From a spiritual point of view, chess is a symbol of the confrontation between the forces of light and darkness.

Star dream interpretation

Chess can dream to a person who is experiencing mental fatigue. Perhaps he gives the third party a magical effect.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

In this dream book the game of chess with the enemy symbolizes the deterioration of health, loss of health. This may be the reason for failure in business. To play chess is to give the opportunity for dishonest people to profit at the expense of your weaknesses. To win in game match to get an advantage over others. Nobody can make you bad influence.

Home dream interpretation

Chess game in a dream suggests the options of choosing a life path in reality. If you failed to win, meaning a mistake, did not go the right path. The winner can count on you in real life.

Magical dream interpretation

If you play chess, then he will have to analyze the upcoming events. When it seems that you are asked to participate in the championship game of chess, then your plans can in reality be a success. Personally, playing chess – directly influence events. If the result of the game brought only disappointment, it should not be taken in reality for the matter, can’t afford. Victory in chess symbolizes overcoming obstacles, negative influences. About the same mean and checkers in the dream.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

In this dream game of chess suggest rash actions that a person does in real life. Just imagine that you destroy these figures by burning.

English dream interpretation

Chess was considered since ancient times a complex strategic game, where one move is what counts. So if you had this gameplay, it should be assumed that in real life you are fighting for justice, or for power. Victory will go to whoever is more focused towards its goal. Perhaps you have a confrontation with the boss or with a loved one who does not wish to give way to the leader. If you dream you lost a game of chess, you should not count on success in business and in life.

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