What dreams cherry?

If you had a very vivid dream, which featured the cherry tree or its fruit, it may mean that in the near future, you expect changes. Bad or good depends on the details of the dream. See what says about this dream: cherry – innocence that will be lost, the house has a girl of marriageable age. You might lose your virginity and regret it later on. Also cherry in a dream means a promise that will fail. You cheated, there may be difficulties in the relationship in this regard. Try to remember the details of the dream then the interpretation would be more correct.

What dreams cherry dream

What dreams cherry dream

The fruit in the dream

Has implications for the interpretation of the color of berries: black – will deceive you beloved, red – narrowing can be trusted, green is good luck. If the girl in the dream was eating a cherry, you need to remember how did it taste:

  • sour berry – frustration, disappointment;
  • sweet cherries are the embodiment of desire in life;
  • slide – to tears;
  • dried fruit is joy.

To cook cherry jam – escalation of the situation thoughts, exaggeration. You need a more positive look at life.

Collect cherries in the dream – sexual relationship, the feelings associated with them. To pluck the ripe fruit of carnal pleasure, a temporary entertainment love, betrayal, intrigue on the side with a bad ending. There is an expression «break the cherry» – to deprive of virginity.

A tree, cherry orchard

Perhaps you had not berries, namely a tree, a blooming garden or, on the contrary, shrunken. In this case, the dream has a different meaning.

Plant cherry – wealth, prosperity.

Overgrown cherries, cherry orchard – a successful, happy life.

The fall from the tree – the loss of office work.

To dream of cherry blossom – hope, which will soon become a reality, the joy, the love.

Cut the tree – the loss of a close friend.

Broken branch is a disease, a quarrel.

Climb on top – expecting the good news.

Quickly crumbled leaves, the tree is easily withdrawn by the roots – the sadness, the loss, the death of her husband, beloved.

Bad if you saw the dry stem and branches they point to the withered love, the sadness, the risk of Contracting an incurable disease. You need to soon go to the doctor for a complete examination. It will help you avoid illness ritual – the evening grate the potatoes on a grater. Will preporuciti them worn thing. In the morning, burn it, the ashes wrap in white cloth and bury in the yard.

The dream warns of upcoming events, be prepared for them and try to avoid trouble.

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