What were you dreaming about the boss

What to prepare if the had chief?

dream chef

Dream about the chief good?

Summer dream

When dream head, then maybe you should wait for promotion. You should pay attention to the fine details of the dream, the situation and the actions of your leader.

Spring dream

Chef can dream to a successful solution of cases. It is likely that the head belongs to you highly.

On autumn dream

This interpreter of dreams explains a dream in which the chief leads a conversation with you that in real life, it may be preceded by a reprimand or consideration in working points.

Small dream book of Veles

When dream chief or leader, the idol, then you will succeed in any scheduled affair. If your head in a dream she seems tired, grave, this implies, perhaps, mistakes, troubles and tears. Should keep health and wait, new beginnings. When a dreamer sets himself in the dream, the new idol, it’s bad news, death.

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

In this dream an affair with your boss that you spun supposedly at work, symbolizes large complexes, from which the dreamer does not get rid of. They suppress and hinder work on ourselves on. Should reconsider the attitude to yourself and learn to cope with problems and disadvantages.

Dream Interpretation Of Avdeevoj

Sleeping man dreams that he takes on anybody in custody, trying to control the person. Perhaps in real life you have to take responsibility for the received important. Much worse when you take patronage over the dreamer. It warns of troubles and negative emotions, which will soon have to undergo. This interpreter of dreams, should relate well to a dream in which a person who is trying to teach you the business. Thus, in real life you will have good luck and do not be afraid to start a new enterprise. The financial crisis will not affect you, and the company will be profitable.

If the young leader has appeared the chief in a dream, it is a pleasant change. This person must be wait for success. When you think that in your dreams you’re the people you refer to as a boss, you should warn. You may be surprised.

If the dreaming head gives you a gift, it is a big loss. It should be noted that a huge role is played and presented to the subject. It may not be good, but maybe not so bad in real life can still change.

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