To dream of cheese – what do you mean?

What you dream of cheese? Most often, the interpretation of dreams in which you see the cheese is getting a valuable gift or something free. Below are other interpretations of this symbol in a dream, like cheese.

What dreaming of cheese

What dreaming of cheese

Summer dream

You will be treated to free lunch.

Spring dream interpretation

Feed you empty promises.

Dream interpretation for women

You will grief or disappointment, a bad streak in life, the need to collect all forces for the struggle with life’s difficulties.

Small dream book of Veles

Meeting with a young man. If you are in a position to dream cheese is the birth of a boy. This product can also mean a fight or obstacle. If you are in the realm of Morpheus absorb or cheese, particularly fresh, it is — to win.

Russian folk dream interpretation

You want to get something through flattery (remember the fable about the crow and the Fox) or will have to pay for a foolish act (like the proverb about free cheese). If you choose from several varieties of cheese, it says on your discretion in conversations and select those with whom you communicate.

Dream interpretation of Aesop

Eating cheese in a dream means the return of all debts.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkov and dreams of a Wanderer

The cheese is rich.


Stale cheese — you will soon be able to cheat (or you will lose credibility with some of the others). If you dream you make cheese, it to financial losses.

The Dream Miller

In a major disappointment and the need to overcome difficulties in life.

Culinary dream book

Gives us the answer to the question, what dreaming of cheese, depending on the specific varieties of this product. For example, cheese is an unexpected profit, and cheese — to grief. Elite cheese is very nice, professional and love life, and product odor to shame.

The dream of Muslims

The composition of the cheese includes sour milk, so to see this product in a dream — to sadness and problems.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

If you had a curd cheese, then beware of excessive frankness: it gives you the appearance of enemies. Fresh cheese in a dream — to health, and a strong smell of cheese to diseases. If you dream you cut the cheese, you have surgery, and if you saw Swiss cheese, then you will success in your career.

Esoteric dream book

To gourmet delights or interesting events. You may be invited to lush dinner or you will take part in an unusual event where you’ll be in the center of everyone’s attention. To dream of cheese is also a harbinger of victory in the contest or exhibition.

Persian dream interpretation Tatlisi

This vision — to the sorrows and worries.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dream of cheese is upcoming about rumors and gossip that plotting your enemies. If you’re dreaming of regular cheese, it is to marital happiness and love, and a girl who in the dream was eating cheese, waiting for an interesting journey. Another interpretation of this dream is that cheese is a call not to believe the persuasion of men.

Lunar dream book

When you dream you are eating fresh cheese to win, and spoiled to infidelity or cheating.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

A strong smell of cheese — a harbinger of disease or loss on the love front, and Swiss or any fresh cheese to good health and rapid career growth. If you had a curd cheese, being careful not to candid conversations can lead to the appearance of enemies.

English dream interpretation

Your partner has committed adultery.

Dream book 2012

Seen in the night dreams of cheese reflects the state of your health. Hard and fresh evidence of good health, and the spoiled or melted cheese — about the disease.

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