Had a cheese dream

What it means to dream of cheese? Even among the commentators, there are skeptics who explain these dreams are prosaic. They say not enough protein, calcium and other nutrients. And suddenly there is a more mysterious explanation for these dreams. Let’s see what will say the famous dream books.

What dreaming of cheese

What dreaming of cheese

Autumn dream interpretation

This product is usually a dream to improve the well-being and appetite.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

You will find an unusual romantic date.

Summer dream

This dream means that you do not have to fulfil you order.

Small dream book of Veles

The interpreter tells what dreams cheese to prosperity and pobremente life.

Ukrainian dream book

Try the cheese mass in a dream – to disease and family strife.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This dream suggests that it is time to visit relatives.

Dream Interpretation Maria Fedorov

According to this dream book, to produce his own cheese – developing of personal business. To buy a dairy product – to lots of business meetings. Selling cheese in the dream suggests that your companion is dishonest.

Culinary dream book

Feast in the dream, this product heralds a picnic, an outing to the woods or the river in good company.

Dream Interpretation White Mage Longo

If you press the cheese in the dream, in reality, are clearly planned, no mistakes and no regrets. You love to teach others how to live correctly, what you consider boring, boring person. You have no friends, and sometimes very lonely.

A modern dream book

Those who dream of cheese, waiting for fun and joyful event. Lazy vareniki mold – to the prosperity and success through hard work. There is a sweet cottage cheese – good-bye with a loved one. Sour cheese is most often predicts disease.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Had the cheese? Expect problems and disappointments. If the product is fresh, they are just unfortunate misunderstandings. However, the sour cheese is always portends great problems up to the deprivation of property or serious illness. Take the situation into their own hands and do not let true sleep.

The Dream Miller

Cheese means a rational and logical behavior of the dreamer. You are able to save a good mine at bad game, even in potovyh situations. But you are a lucky man, really?

The purchase of cheese and products from it in the dream tells about business negotiations. You will be offered a good job with high wages. Career will go up.

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